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Andrea Harrison – New Jersey USA

Dr. Vibhor Sharma & Dr. J.P. Guleria are very passionate about their work and are convinced that Ayurvedic medicine is the path to true healing and ultimate life long health.
After being under their care for 2 weeks, I am also convinced and tend to agree with them 100 %.In 1991 I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis.In the western world, this condition is treated with a powerful steroid -Prednizone.This steroid though effective to some extent has numerous negative side effects.Under the capable hands of Dr Sharma & Dr Guleria I was treated with Panchkarma therapies and Ayurvedic medicines.Significant improvements in my condition were evident after a short time.The laboured breathing that I was used to experiencing after even minor exertions began to subside significantly.With the continued use of special Ayurvedic medicines,my condition continues to improve.I recommend HimVeda to anyone seeking excellent quality medical care.

Andrea Harrison
New Jersey USA
Wiesbaden Germany