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Sukhdeep Makkar – Mumbai

A redefining experience, which I would love to share upon people, facing the true difficulties of life. I Sukhdeep Makkar residing in Mumbai,had the opportunity to visit HimVeda.

H- Heal







Healthcare centre which shaped my life into a true living experience. 1997 was first when I was diagnosed with epileptic behavior. Modern medicines ,tests, sedatives were given,but to no healing cure.In the year 2013 ,HimVeda gave me the touch of ‘Panchakarma’ ‘Vasti’ a herbal treatment made of pure and fine Himalayan herbs, Apart from those sold in the market,detoxified my epilepsy in thin air, giving me a new birth. I celebrated this achievement as a God’s gift, and you need not believe me , but visit this center for more information.Doctors here are not doctors, but followers of purity, love, care and valuable concern,which they drive towards you.So please if you have any kind of problems feel free to talk to the HimVeda rejuvenation team and they will turn your problems into true feeling of a flower.