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Curing Disease

To cure or treat any disease its very important to reach its root cause. Two diseased persons might be showing exactly the same symptoms and signs but the treatment will differ if the root cause differs.

The root cause is diagnosed by the three fold tests mentioned in Ayurveda – Darshan (observation), sparshan (touching) and prashna (interrogation). Apart from this blood tests and other various scans help us reach a conclusion.

After the root cause has been ascertained treatment follows. Ayurvedic treatments encompass two modalities :

  • Shodhana (Purification)
  • Shamana (Pacification)

Based on the above principles we at HimVeda have treated a wide variety of diseases. Promising results have been achieved in the following diseases:

Apart from this we have given good results in many lifestyle diseases and other medical disorders except those requiring surgery.

According to an Ayurvedic saying ‘When diet is wrong medicine is of no use. When diet is correct medicine is of no need.’

So a correct diet and lifestyle is of utmost importance without which results cannot be achieved.