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The FAQ’s related to Panchakarma treatments and courses have been answered on the respective pages. General questions related to our centre are being answered here.

What is the location and settings?

We are located about 10 km from Dharamshala town towards YOL cantt. in a village Tangroti.

The centre is spread over two acres and is surrounded by a forest on three sides and the village on one end.  We have eight patient rooms.

Which is the nearest airport?
We are located about 10 km from Dharamshala airport. It takes 25 minutes in a taxi. We can arrange for a pick up and drop.
What are the rooms like and what is the view from the rooms?

Every room will have a balcony with an open view, attached washroom and essential furniture. The rooms have been designed to make your stay comfortable as required for the success of treatments.
Our rooms don’t emanate luxury. Some rooms have a garden cum partial mountain view. Other rooms have a forest view. A full view of the mountains can be had from the terrace upstairs.

Will the rooms be clean?
We will make sure that you get to stay and have treatments in a clean hygienic environment. Bed sheets and towels will be changed from time to time.
Will there be room service?
As such there is no room service. You will have to go to the dining hall at meal times. Herbal water will be available from a common source in the corridor outside the rooms. You will have to fetch it in the bottles provided in the room.
Will the bathroom be private?
The bathrooms are private attached to the room. There will be days when the treatments will make you feel weak. We will provide for food and water in the room itself during such times.
Is it absolutely silent there?

No, we don’t claim it to be an absolutely silent retreat.

There is the village on one end, so one can expect organic village sounds every now and then in the campus. The road is about 100 metres away across the forest. Distant traffic sounds do make their way through the forest and will reach your ears. We don’t find it disturbing.

Our rooms however, are well insulated from the above sounds.

Is wi fi provided?

Wi fi will be provided in the rooms. It’s not a high band internet where you can download videos etc. It’s just enough for staying connected online, doing online work etc.
We recommend giving rest to the senses and staying away from too much social media during the treatments.

What all stuff I need to carry with me?
You need to carry your clothes, toiletries etc. A few old clothes which you don’t mind being stained with oils would be required. Towels, bed sheets etc. will be provided.
Is there a laundry service?

We don’t have an in house laundry service. But as we don’t want you to be washing clothes during the treatments, we have made some arrangements for laundry at no extra cost.

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