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Is HimVeda a resort or a spa?
No. HimVeda is an Ayurvedic clinic with a residential facility.

What is the location,setting and surroundings?
HimVeda is located in the periphery of Dharamshala town. It is 8 k.m. (20 minutes drive) from Mcleodganj which is the Tibetan centre. Being a bit away from Mcleodganj gives a non touristic feel.The area is peaceful and less congested.

Do I need to book?
Being short on space we need to be sure about the booking. So its advised to book in advance.

Can I get Panchakarma treatments while staying outside?
No. It is mandatory to stay in the clinic for Panchakarma therapies as proper diet and daily instructions are very important during Panchakarma to get the desired results.



How long will I need to stay for the treatments?
You can let us know your health concerns and the time you can spare and we will get back to you with the desired time duration.

Do I need all the Panchakarma treatments?
After the initial consultation the line of treatment is decided and the procedures to be performed are selected.Mostly people don’t need all the treatments.

What sort of food is served ?
We serve Ayurvedic vegetarian food. The food is fresh, seasonal,organic and Tridoshic (good for all body types)

Can I go sightseeing during the stay?
Its advised to finish with all the sight seeing and travelling before the start of treatments. Once the treatments start patients will not be allowed to go anywhere.

What all stuff should I bring with me for the stay?
You just need to bring comfortable clothing and toiletries according to the season .Towels, bedsheets e.t.c. will be provided by us. Please don’t forget to carry some pairs of old clothes which you don’t mind being spoiled by oils.

Can Ayurveda cure all the diseases ?
No. No system of medicine can cure all the diseases . In some of the diseases only quality of life can be improved while in others patient might have to take medicines for the whole life.