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Our Centre

HimVeda is an Ayurvedic clinic with residential facility. We offer personalised treatments in a homely setting.


Out patient services:

We have a medicine and an ENT speciality OPD. The doctors are available from 11 am to 6 pm on appointment basis only. Approximately an hour is devoted to each patient, which includes consultation, medicine formulation and dietary- lifestyle advice according to the disease. Every patient is unique even if the disease in two patients is same. Hence the medicine formulated will be specific to each patient.

Every patient should carry his or her medical record on the day of appointment.

In House Pharmacy:

We have a small pharmacy cum dispensing unit catering to our own patients. We use classical Ayurvedic medicines and raw herbs. Herbs are provided to us by the local herb collectors and farmers.

In Patient facility:

We have 3 rooms. So 3-4 people stay with us at a time. This way we are able to give highly personalised treatments. Being short on space preference is given to patients with chronic diseases although apparently healthy people seeking detox are also welcome depending upon availability of space.

There is an in house kitchen serving Ayurvedic food to in patients. Food will be vegetarian, organic, seasonal and cooked in accordance with instructions from doctors for each patient.

We have a small collection of good books including health related, spiritual as well as fiction.

There is a small garden in the backyard and a roof top terrace where time can be spent.