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Panchakarma in McLeodganj Dharamshala

Looking for classical Panchakarma treatment in Dharamshala, Himveda is the destination. Personalised treatments, Experienced doctors, hand-picked Himalayan herbs, freshly cooked homely meals, pollution free environment are all the ingredients which make our treatments highly successful.

What is Panchakarma ?

The name Panchakarma comes from two Sanskrit words: panch,meaning “five” and karma meaning “action”. The name incorporates the essence of the treatment: the five primary actions or procedures which are used to purify the body of unwanted elements.

These five primary procedures are –

1) Emesis or Purifying vomitings – Vamana,

2) Purgation – Virechana,

3)-4) Medicated Enemas – Basti,

5) Nasal Medication – Nasya

Panchakarma treatment Dharamshala

Medicine for Virechana


There is more, however, to Panchakarma treatment than these five core procedures. It is a three stage process which focuses around these five core treatments .

The first phase,called Purvakarma (Preparatory procedures) prepares the body for detoxification.

The actual detoxification begins in the second phase or Pradhan Karma (five core procedures).

The last stage, called Paschat Karma (Post – Treatment Procedures) occurs after the main purification process.These post treatment procedures assure the rekindling of strong digestive fire – Agni and thorough rejuvenation of tissues – Dhatus.

Do I need Panchkarma ?

Everybody is suffering from toxins.They impair our functioning, dull our minds and reduce our longevity and in many people they manifest as real ‘disease’.

Such toxins in the body are indicated by: poor absorption, indigestion, gas, bloating, constipation, swollen, glands, skin rashes, frequent colds, discernible tongue coating, bad breath, tiredness on waking up and lack of stamina.

Psychologically these toxins manifest as – lack of patience, peace and concentration.

Therefore detoxification measures are necessary for health.

Panchakarma is used to achieve three objectives:

  • Health Maintenance – recommended for most individuals even those who are healthy, as part of regular seasonal regimens.
  • Treatment of disease – It is one of the main Ayurvedic methods of treating diseases, whether acute or chronic.
  • Preparation for Rejuvenation or Virilization therapies – It is done preleminarily to the application of rejuvenation and Virilization therapies. To achieve the best results the body must first be purified.

How is Panchkarma unique among other detox techniques ?

Many different detoxification programs are available today like colonics, liver flush, sweat lodge, green juices, blood purifying herbs etc.

Ayurveda contains perhaps the most complex and specific science of detoxification in natural medicine, an entire set of cleansing therapies called PanchaKarma – the five purificatory measures. It is the foremost purification therapy because it reverses the disease mechanisms which carry toxic waste products from the digestive tract into the tissues.

The uniqueness of Panchakarma is that it centres around the patient whereas all other therapies target the pathology and its symptoms. It does not just treat diseased organs and tissues, it treats and manages the Doshas – biological forces which carry toxins back and forth between the digestive tract and the deeper tissues.

What should I expect from Panchakarma therapy ?

Panchakarma is not heroics. Like all other Ayurvedic therapies it emulates nature’s methods to assist in healing the individual. If the person has been storing seeds of degenerative diseases for 15-20 years and suffering from symptoms for 5 or 10 years it is unlikely that they will be completely healed in 10- 15 days of treatment It takes time and repeated treatments to rid the body completely of toxins and rebuild tissues.

How much time should I devote ?

The length of treatment varies with the type of illness. In case of chronic or degenerative diseases, a long term treatment of at least one month is highly recommended. Depending on the seriousness and duration of the disorder a series of such longer treatment programs may be necessary to remove the basis of disease. Two to three weeks program is recommended for others. When the time is long enough we can follow the protocol of treatments properly. If the time is short we have to shift treatments quickly which compromises results.

What are the lifestyle adjustments during Treatments ?

Post Panchakarma

Post Panchakarma

Panchakarma is a potent and dynamic therapy that provides a unique opportunity for the system to repair and rejuvenate. To derive the maximum benefits one should be mindful and focus completely on the healing process taking place. During and after the therapies ,one should not overindulge.This includes restriction of physical exertion,sexual activity,strong emotions,overeating,excessive speech,auditory and visual stimulation e.t.c.

Certain changes in one’s diet are also warranted.Easily digestible food like khichari is the choice during Panchkarma treatment. Soups and boiled vegetables are also preferred. Heavy foods like meat/dairy which burden the system are to be avoided at all costs. The system can then devote all its energy to eliminating toxins and rejuvenating Dhatus.

Natural urges should not be suppressed.These include the need to urinate, defecate or pass gas. Bath should always be warm.

One has to adhere to all these guidelines even a few days after Panchakarma.Body is very pure after the treatments and this purity also renders it more vulnerable to anything impure. You will be just like a child very pure,soft,supple yet a bit vulnerable.

With proper care you will observe yourself progressing to a more dynamic state when you return back to normal daily routine.

Keeping all these things in mind undergoing Panchkarma as an inpatient is recommended. We provide residential Panchakarma Treatment in Dharamshala at affordable prices. Out patient Panchakarma treatments are not provided. If you are looking to undergo Panchakarma for wellness please visit Packages to know more.

As a final word we would like to say that these are highly specialized treatments to be carried out only by experts and not by just anyone. Read here to know why no Panchakarma at home.