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Sarcoidosis treatment in Ayurveda – a case study

Sarcoidosis now curable with Ayurveda

We treat Sarcoidosis with Panchakarma therapies followed by Rasayana therapy. Out of Panchakarma therapies ‘Basti‘ was the treatment of choice.

Although treatment pattern varies depending upon stage of disease and body constitution. In many cases we treat with medicine only and therapies are not needed. We are presenting here, in short a case study of one of the pateints treated at HimVeda.

What is Sarcoidosis ?

Sarcoidosis is a multisystem granulomatous disorder. . It is more commonly seen in Afro-Caribbean population of North America. The etiology remains uncertain. Pulmonary localization is by far the most common in individuals with Sarcoidosis although liver, spleen , eyes, parotid glands and bones may also be affected. About 90% of patients with lung involvement may have an abnormal chest X-ray at some time during the course of their disease. Overall, about 50% develop permanent pulmonary abnormalities, and 5 to 15% have progressive fibrosis of the lung parenchyma. In acute and subacute cases, physical examination usually reveals dry rales.

Sarcoidosis frequently causes an increase in vitamin D production outside the kidney.Macrophages / histiocytes inside the granulomas convert vitamin D from its inactive form 25-hydroxyvitamin D to its active form, resulting in elevated levels of the hormone 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D and symptoms of hypervitaminosis D that may include fatigue, lack of strength or energy, irritability, metallic taste, temporary memory loss or cognitive problems.

The Case

A 52 year old American female of Caribbean descent came to our OPD, with complaints of breathlessness even on mild exertion , fatigue, lack of strength and sinus drainage. She had been diagnosed with Sarcoidosis 16 years back and had taken a high dose of steroids at that time. Her chest Xray showed opacities as a result of old Sarcoid.1,25 Vit D levels were elevated at 58 as expected in a case of Sarcoidosis.

Sarcoidosis treatment in Ayurveda takes into account that it is a ‘dhatugat vikaar’ (disease at cellular level) and hence shodhan procedures (basti) are preffered.

7 Kashaya Bastis were administered over a period of 14 days. Remarkable improvement was seen in her condition after the therapy. Her breathing was very relaxed even on moderate exertion .She felt energetic and lighter. She felt her body had changed in many ways which she could not explain. She lost 8 kg during the treatment. After the Basti treatment Rasayana therapy was initiated.

Her condition continued to improve drastically. After 1 month of Rasayana therapy repeat chest Xray and blood tests

were ordered. Her post therapy Xrays showed no signs of any opacities. 1,25 Vitamin D levels had come down to 22 well within the desired limits. Her GFR which was earlier was 95 was now 113 which means her kidneys started to work much better comparable to a 20 year old.

The patient continues to witness progress in her health.

*The names of patient and doctors have not been revealed due to privacy policy of HimVeda

Before Treatment

After Treatment



  • i am 61 year old male and has been recently diagnosed with sarcoidosis (stage 4). kindly guide me regarding treatment and prognosis of this disease. currently i am on steroids and oxygen. i am also suffering from diabetes and taking medication since 15 years.

  • Subodh kumar says:

    I am 54 year old male and i am suffering from sarcoidosis stage 2 since more then five years
    Kindly guide me the treatment and procedure for the above

  • Raghavendra says:

    hi am raghavendra, my mom 52 year old is suffering from sarcoidosis from 3 to 4 years, she is having treatement from steriods, she cant walk too much, she wil get tired soon, n she is suffering severe from diabetes also. so please kindly guide me for treatement. i wil be waiting for your reply…..

  • Hello Doctor!

    My mom, 65+years old, was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis in Oct’2015. Since then, she is undergoing treatment, but we find that these tablets are doing more harm than any benefit with major side effects could be seen all over her body– hair fall, Hand, legs and Face got swollen, headache etc. She often get breathless and exhausted while walking around the park, Otherwise, she has normal BP, weight and blood sugar level.

    Look forward to receive your early response on this with complete details on treatment and procedure.

    Please advise.

    Warm regards,

  • Annu Gupta says:

    I am 29 year old female and has been recently diagnosed (Feb.’16) with sarcoidosis. kindly guide me regarding treatment and prognosis of this disease. currently i am on steroids (Defcort). i am also suffering from diabetes and taking insulin since 16 years.

  • I am 32 year old male and has been recently diagnosed (Oct.’16) with sarcoidosis. Kindly share the process for diagnosis.I’m requesting you to please share the process of admission and tenure of treatment.

    Harish Sharma

  • I am Manish Sarraf from Delhi having Sarcoidosis for Last 8 years taking medicines under guidance of Dr. Sanjay Gogia, Max Hospital, Shalimar Bagh Delhi.
    Many times I face severe conditions for breathing.
    Pls guide for the best

  • Sir iam sarcodiosis patient . how do we met you

  • Jolly Sharma says:

    I am 31 year old male and has been recently diagnosed (June.’17) with sarcoidosis. Kindly share the process for diagnosis.I’m requesting you to please share the process of admission and tenure of treatment. many pimple on my back and face as well

    Jolly Sharma

  • Vaishali says:

    I am Vaishali and my father is 51 year old and is under treatment of sarcoidosis since April,2017. He is also diabetic and so that these tablets are causing major side effects.He is thus having serious issues with the digestive system and an increasingly unstable diabetes. He doesn’t feel like eating anything and also has disturbed stomach always.. Please let me if your treatment can provide a solution to this.

    Thank you

  • madhu gupta says:

    madhu gupta suffering from sarcoidosis in lung. lymph nodes. I am being treated with steroids. I am hospitalised 2 times for infection. Breathless ness occurs in night. give solution

  • Ajay Giri says:

    My sister has been diagnosed with Liver Cirrhosis (14.3 Kpa Metavir score). She had a condition for the last 2 years (Miliary TB / Sarcoidosis) that still hasn’t been confirmed. We did her TB treatments for almost 10 months but it did not yield any reliefs in her symptoms and her condition remained the same on CT imaging. So, our doctors choose to do an alternate diagnosis of Sarcoidosis and started its treatment, which is corticosteroids like prednisone. She took it for almost 2 months and then tapered the medications and stopped since her creatinine levels were high (1.83). Now for the past few days, she is not taking her food properly, and recently she started vomiting whatever foods she has taken in. I became worried after seeing that and consulted a GI specialist, who did her endoscopy and found that she had esophageal varices (2 & 3 grade).
    I want to treat her by first diagnosing the underlying condition that led to liver Cirrhosis and then treat it from the roots

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