Sour taste in Ayurveda

How much sour should I eat?

Traditional Indian thali (meal) always has a chutney (spicy condiment) to stimulate the taste buds/to create passion for food . But it is in very less quantity (1-2 spoons)

Chutney has predominantly amla rasa (sour taste) .Sour taste carries a little sharpness along with light ,hot and unctuous properties .It is made up of earth and fire elements.Because of these properties it aggravates Pitta and Kapha dosha while it pacifies Vata. The aggravation pf Pitta is more pronounced than Kapha.

Pitta personalities should particularly eat less of it .

Indian gooseberry is the only sour which does not aggravate Pitta but rather pacifies it.

Excessive use generally leads to effects like:
  • tingling teeth
  • excessive thirst
  • piloerection (goosebumps)
  • increased mucus secretion
  • looseness in the body and joints
  • edema in the weak
  • increased wound infections
  • burning and hyper acidity
  • bleeding,piles
  • sexual disorders
  • increased catabolism

What sour taste does to my body?

Sour taste when taken in a moderate quantity has the following effects:

  • adds to the deliciousness of food
  • is an appetizer
  • Nourishes and energizes the body
  • Strengthens the sense organs
  • Causes salivation, helps in swallowing
  • Increases metabolism in the body
  • Normalizes the expulsion of urine and stool.

How sour affects my mental faculties?

Moderate use of sour taste stimulates the mind and enhances passion . Different personality types react differently for e.g. It’s very good for people aspiring growth in material world.

Those aspiring for sattvic qualities or in spiritual pursuits can suffer from conflicts after overuse of this taste.The reason is that the one who seeks spiritual growth should be free of passion as spirituality talks of neutrality.

What are the sources of sour taste?

Tamarind,all citrus fruits like lemon, gooseberry, yogurt, ferments like vinegar, wine etc. Ayurveda advocates use of only natural sour tastes derived from fruits and natural ferments.The use of artificial flavored sours like sauces e.t.c. should be avoided .

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