What is your source of inspiration

Source of Inspiration

Dissolving ourselves in others inspires us. For example, when we dissolve ourselves in the river flowing,  we feel inspired. If we dissolve ourselves in the song of a nightingale or some other bird as John Keats and P.B Shelly did, we get inspired. But the moment we realize that we are separate and Nightingale is separate, inspiration stops.

When a Wordsworth  dissolves himself in a way in the objects of nature that he has no separate entity of his own, he gets inspired to the extent that he discovers the divine hidden energy in every object.

There are painters, sculptors ,musicians who melt completely into their art and that inspires them.

Mira dissolves herself completely in Lord Krishna and  then she gets inspired to sing  hymns.  A Surdas dissolves himself in the divine child Krishna and  gets inspired to sing Bhajans(hymns). Tulsidas gets absorbed in Lord Rama and gets inspired to compose the long poem, the ′Ramayana′.

Buddha gets completely lost in the Absolute Emptiness and becomes enlightened forever, uttering words of wisdom applicable for all the times to come. Kabir dissolves himself in God and comes out with remarkable couplets.

When Guru Nanak ceases to exist as somebody separate from God, Japuji ( divine doctrine)  emerges out of him. When Osho become totally empty, he becomes illuminated so much so that he produced hundreds of books of lasting value.

This amply establishes the fact that as long as we continue to exist as separate individuals ,we remain just ordinary. But the moment we drop ourselves and melt into others, inspiration begins to flood us. We continue to be inspired as long as our absorption in others is total. The day we are absorbed in the Absolute forever, we become inspired for eternity. The small amount of inspiration proves that our dissolution  in a given task, in  the objects of nature, in some enlightened person or in God, does the miracle.

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