Ayurvedic treatment for Pulmonary Hypertension


Pulmonary Hypertension Ayurvedic TreatmentPulmonary Hypertension is an abnormal elevation in pulmonary artery pressure. The pulmonary artery sends impure blood from the right heart to the lungs for purification. Pure blood from the lungs is then sent to the left heart through the pulmonary vein. From here, blood reaches all parts of the body.


Pulmonary artery pressure will rise in the following conditions:

  • Suppose the blood flowing through the pulmonary artery meets resistance in the lungs due to lung parenchyma diseases like Interstitial lung disease, Sarcoidosis, etc. These diseases destroy the lung parenchyma as well as the blood vessels. So the right heart responds to this resistance by increasing pressure as necessary to preserve the heart’s output.
  •  Suppose the blood flowing through the pulmonary vein meets resistance at the left heart. This can be due to coronary artery disease, mitral valve disease, and other causes of decreased left heart compliance like age, diabetes, etc.

The most common symptoms of Pulmonary Hypertension are dyspnoea (feeling out of breath ) on exertion, chest pain, fatigue, syncope, peripheral edema, etc.

Resistance to the flow can be related to an increase in ill-formed Kapha dosha. As the lungs are Kapha’s seat, it can be stated that Kapha has increased in its seat. It takes longer to cure an increase of a dosha in its seat.

The reason for an increase in Kapha is low Agni (fire) at the level of Rasa dhatu (first tissue). Low agni gives rise to lung diseases, makes the blood heavy, and concentrated, and obstructs circulation. The obstruction caused by ill-formed Kapha gives rise to an increase in Vata—increased Vata results in hypertension.

Low Agni is caused by many factors related to wrong lifestyle and diet, like consuming incompatible foods, excessive sleeping, lack of exercise, etc.

The treatment will aim to increase Agni, thereby removing obstruction and relieving tension.

Herbs having pungent, sour tastes along with hot properties are mainly used. According to Ayurveda, the lungs originate from the mother (matritva bhav).  So we cannot use too hot herbs. We sometimes triturate hot herbs with cooling herbs to achieve the desired results.

The herbs used will be Punarnava, Amalaki, Kuth, etc.  Right herbs will be chosen according to the disease status and body constitution. The patient will have to avoid curd and vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower, etc., among other things.  Excessive exertion is also to be avoided as it can aggravate the Vata.

We at HimVeda have successfully treated pulmonary hypertension by addressing the causative problem in the lungs or heart with Ayurvedic medicines prepared in our center, along with diet and lifestyle changes.

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  1. My grand daughter is suffering from pulmonary artery hypertension. She was admitted in Sir Ganga Ràm Hospital in Delhi.she was operated upon for VSD but Dr thereat says as the lungs pressure was 120 so he could not perform the VSD and now they have managed to control the PAH to 40. So we all want to know if there is treatment in Ayurvedic medicines which can cure and treat PAH

    1. Dear Mr. Rajinder

      We have successfully treated PAH. Please send the echo report to Dr. Guleria. He will let you know how much we can treat in your case.

  2. I am 56y old women suffering seviour PAH take treatment in care hospital hyd. Since 25years. Now I suffering a lot. My friends sugust try ayurvedic med. Hence i am try to take Ayurveda medicine.

    1. We treat PAH with Ayurvedic medicine.
      As a first step please send a message or call on 9736853285. We will guide you further.

      1. Sir
        I have already sent the latest echo report of my grand daughter KIARA to Dr. Guleria on his WhatsApp for your advise please.

  3. Hello I am suffering from pulmonary hypertension and Dr has suggested me for lung transplant but don’t feel to do it as I am much stable and can do all the works even I can walk a mile without dropping my puls rate. My heart pumps fast when I run a sprints or climb 20-30 steps then my body suggest me to rest after rest (5min )everything back to normal. Is their any treatment as I don’t want to do lung transplant please suggest.

    1. Hello
      We have given good results in P.A.H.
      As a first step please send a short message along with echo report on 9736853285. We will then guide you further.

      Best Regards

  4. Sir my brother son age 11 is suffering from PAH, Having lung pressure of 100, is there any treatment in ayurveda

  5. My brother suffering from Primary pulmonary hypertension having 110 Pressure in the lungs.
    Please suggest if you have treatment for the same as no treatment available in allopathy.

    1. Dear Mr Atul

      We have treatment for PAH.

      Please first share the echo report of the patient along with your query with Dr Guleria on his WhatsApp number 9418877955.
      He will respond in 1-2 days with the possibility of treatment.

      Kind regards

  6. I am suffering frm pulmonary hypertension from 10 yrs .. 11 yrs am 31 yrs old nd also heart problems , am on t/t endobloc ,
    Riociguat 1 mg ,, nd tab digoxin.. 0.25 mg
    Hv hone cardiac catherisation once .. my pa pressures were 75mg ,first .. then slowlu reduced to 65 mg … nd now recent pressures 55 mg it hadn’t lowered.. since thn .. plz i need Ayurveda

  7. hi my mom is suffering from PAH II from last 3 years and suffering from breath shortness from last 1 year
    is there any treatment for my mom
    kindly suggest

  8. My wife is suffering from pulmonary hypertension last 4 years.could you please help me if There is any treatment available for pulmonary hypertension

  9. suffering from pulmonary hypertension last 1and 1/2 years.could you please help me if Thare is any treatment available means for pulmonary hypertension

  10. I am kidney transplant patient since Oct 2008, Now I am also suffering from PAH.
    I am having immunosuppressive drugs, Steroid, Sildenafil, hypertension medicine, Diurator. My Serum Creatinine is 2.2, Blood Urea 150, Hb 8.6, Platelets 150000.
    Do you have any treatment for abovementioned problems?

  11. I am having interstitial lung disease since last nine years and since one month I am having pulmonary hypertension.i am 39 years old please suggest some ayurvedic medicine.

  12. My mom is suffering from pulmonary hypertension last 1and 1/2 years.could you please help me if Thare is any treatment available means for pulmonary hypertension

  13. #WHO My Son having PH problem require your support with guidance to recover asa, current medicine Dr. given T Sidenajil 8 mg 3 time, T Bosentan 8 mg 2 time & Lasilactone 1/2 in a day currently he is admitted in NashikWockhardt Hospital regarding cough my contact number 9923095199

  14. I have large vsd with severe PAH by birth. Now i am 37 year old adult. Sir do u have any treatment in ayurveda. Plz reply

    1. Can you please give me your contact no or email one of my fanily member is suffering from same …i want to disacuss wid you may b there is some hope

  15. My brother28 yrs old is detected with severe pulmonary hypertension. Allopathy has no answer on it .is there any solution in ayurveda
    Kindly revert.

  16. Allopathy says no cure of pulmonary hypertension. Can you share the data of the patient who are cured. My friend has pulmonary hypertension and right now on allopathy.
    Kindly advise

    1. I am a patient of secondary pulmonary hypertension,I want come hydrabad for management of the condition.

    2. My wife is suffering from severe pulmonary hypertension Plz advice if any treatment is available for ot

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