My wife aged 34 years was suffering more than 15 years severe stomach(upper stomach and below the chest) pain whenever she ate the spicy food like non veg, then immediately we used to go to hospital and will be solved, recently this severe pain started frequently and then we approached Gastrology Doctor and came to know this because of Pancreatitis and this size was also reduced and found 4 stones are in Pancreas we shocked by knowing this.

Then we consulted Chennai’s biggest and famous hospital’s,doctors suggested for surgery to remove the stones. I immediately asked the Doctor after the surgery will she be cured permanently, they said no, she has to continue with creaon tablet and insulin till her life time, and there is the chances again for the stones in Pancreas. We totally upset and don’t know what to do further.

Then one of my friends asked me to start treatment with HimVeda. We consulted with them, finally we satisfied with Dr.Vibhor Sharma MS, as was listening carefully, patiently and completely,this gave us the strong confident to start the treatment with Him Veda clinic.

Completely there is no any stomach pain, vomiting sensation and dramatically Sugar& Thyroid level are decreasing and her weights also increasing and coming up to the normal weight as we are taking Ayurvedic medicines for the last six months from Him Veda Hospital, we are very life time grateful to Dr.J P Guleria MD & Dr Vibhor Sharma MS, whose became God to my family as my wife is alive because of their quality treatment

My suggestion for the Pancreatic disease patients is please don’t go for the Allopathic treatment and surgery because there is no 100% cure.
But in Ayurvedic treatment you will be improved within six months without any surgery.

Thanks to Doctors

With Regards

S Ponnaiyan

My wife S Gnanalakshmi (Pancreas Patient)

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