Ayurvedic treatment for PCOD

Introduction Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD), also known as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), is a medical condition that affects women during their reproductive age. It is characterized by large numbers of immature or partially mature eggs, which develop into cysts in the ovaries. This leads to enlarged ovaries and the secretion of excessive male hormones, causing […]

Virechana therapy

  Virechana is a cleansing procedure in Ayurveda, specifically a part of Panchakarma, which involves the removal of toxins from the body through induced bouts of diarrhea. This process is not a simple case of diarrhea but rather a carefully prepared and executed procedure that takes about 12 days to complete. The first eleven days […]

BASTI treatment in Ayurveda

  Basti – The jewel of Ayurveda In this article, we will help you understand the importance of Basti treatment in Ayurveda. Basti in Ayurveda is said to be among the primary therapies; we can also call it the king of all Ayurveda treatments. Often in our clinical practice, we are amazed to see the […]

Chronic Pancreatitis treatment in Ayurveda

Chronic Kidney Disease Ayurvedic Treatment

Chronic Pancreatitis is treated at HimVeda with herbal medicine and a strict dietary regimen. Panchakarma procedures are not done as most of the times the condition of the patient does not allow this. Hence the patients will not be admitted. Money and time can thus be saved as the diet can be followed at home.

Interstitial lung disease in Ayurveda

We have treated a wide variety of cases of Interstitial lung disease (ILD) . Results vary depending upon age and extent of lung damage. Minimum 3 months of treatment are required to show clinical improvement .

Chronic kidney disease in Ayurveda

Chronic Kidney Disease Ayurvedic Treatment

Basic blood tests like serum creatinine, urea etc. are advised just before starting the medicine and are repeated 2 weeks after, with the same lab.

Understanding Ama

It carries a huge significance in modern day as a lot enters our body which it cannot process. Once this unprocessed element enters the blood or lymph it is carried into the deeper tissues. Here it finds a new home.

Refined Sugars- Ayurvedic perspective

If a list of bad foods was drawn, refined sugar would rank second on this list, the first one being refined oils Some of the qualities of sweet taste mentioned in Ayurveda are: Prahaladana: brings happiness to the mind Brimhana :nourishing Tarpana: nourishes the senses Varnakar: Improves skin colour and complexion Ayushya: increases life expectancy […]

Refined oils – Ayurvedic perspective

It is held in Ayurveda that  our  body is rich in fats – ‘snehasaroyam purusa‘ . No biochemical reaction or any  cell function would ever occur in the body in the absence of fats.   No food represents such a full spectrum of molecules – from healthy to distorted and extremely toxic as fat. Good fats […]

Sarcoidosis treatment in Ayurveda – a case study

Sarcoidosis now curable with Ayurveda We treat Sarcoidosis with Panchakarma therapies followed by Rasayana therapy. Out of Panchakarma therapies ‘Basti‘ was the treatment of choice. Although treatment pattern varies depending upon stage of disease and body constitution. In many cases we treat with medicine only and therapies are not needed. We are presenting here, in short […]