The concept of Dosha in Ayurveda

Ayurvedic masters used the word ‘dosha to define the basic building blocks of the functional anatomy of the body. They represent function as well as structure. They are matter as well as energy. In a way, they are close to the quantum principles of modern times, which say that matter and energy cannot be separate.

When balanced, they represent health; when imbalanced, they cause disease.

The word Dosha’ means a fault.
But why would they use a negative connotation to describe the most crucial concept of Ayurveda? As doshas can potentially create disease, a negative connotation creates awareness in the minds. So we are careful about keeping them in balance. If a positive word were used instead, we would be more careless.

There are three doshas, namely Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Each dosha represents a specific group of qualities and functions. These qualities and functions also lay the foundation of the unique body type or Prakriti that each individual is blessed with.

Vata represents more energy, and Kapha represents structure.

The doshas are derived from five elements, namely:
• Akasha- space
• Vayu-air
• Agni- fire
• Jala- water
• Prithvi-earth

Akasha and Prithvi are inert of the five elements and don’t participate much in the dynamics. Akasha is space; it provides a medium, or in other words, it acts as a playground where other energies can play.
Similarly, Prithvi or Earth is stable and isn’t involved in the dynamics much.

Hence, the three predominant forces give rise to three doshas with the two inert elements in the background.

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