Pitta dosha

Understanding Pitta

Pitta dosha represents the energy of Agni (fire) and Jala (water) elements coming together.
Pure fire can only burn; it cannot create life. Just like there is no life in the Sun. When the fire comes in contact with water, there is life, just like life on Earth, as it is rich in water and receives the sun’s fire.
So, fires in our bodies are liquid. If we observe our stomach acid, bile, pancreatic juices, liver enzymes, etc., they are all liquid fires. Together, they represent Pitta’s energy. People blessed with higher levels of Pitta will have higher levels of these fires.
Pitta, therefore, represents energy and matter, following the principles of quantum Physics.

Qualities of Pitta

Each dosha is nothing but a group of qualities coming together. When heat, oiliness, sharpness, lightness, flow, and liquidity come together, Pitta is born.
As fire is hot, sharp, and light, it lends these qualities to Pitta. Water lends the qualities of oiliness/moisture and fluidity.
A Pitta personality will be blessed with all the above qualities

Seats of Pitta dosha in the body

The doshas are present everywhere in the body. Still, different parts of the body are dominated by different doshas. The area between the navel and heart (epigastrium) is the headquarters of Pitta. This is where most digestion happens, and the most Pitta organs are. The pancreas is the main Pitta organ. It is also known as ‘Agnashaya’ or house of fire.
Eyes are also an important seat of Pitta. Each of our senses is dedicated to picking up an element’s energy quantum. Eyes pick up photons of light. Light represents fire element as it’s fire which produces light just like the burning hot sun produces sunlight.. Once the retina picks up these photons, there is vision.
Blood is also an important seat of Pitta. The heat of Pitta in the blood keeps the body warm.

Functions of Pitta dosha

Being dominated by fire, Pitta helps in vision, digestion, and heat. It regulates body temperature, hunger, thirst, desire, and luster (skin shines as the fire burns inside).
Pitta, at the mind level, is responsible for the sharpness of intellect and valor.
The water element associated with Pitta will bring about softness in the body.

Pitta in disease

When Pitta increases for some reason, it will manifest in certain symptoms in the body and mind. These symptoms will be nothing but increased qualities of the fire elements. These are:
• Burning sensation anywhere
• Inflammations like Arthritis, Pancreatitis, Lupus, etc. (different parts of the body feeling the heat)
• Autoimmunity –The body’s intelligence is furious and fighting its own self
• Extreme hunger or thirst
• Yellowish/greenish discoloration of the skin, urine, stools, etc. (colors of fire)
• Diarrhoea (body trying to discharge extra heat through stools)
• Skin eruptions like acne, blisters, etc. (body trying to discharge extra heat through the skin)
• Redness of eyes
• Anger
• Ego (Valour gone too far)

When the fire element decreases, the water element takes over, and certain symptoms will be produced. These are similar to symptoms of excess Kapha.
There will be all the symptoms of decreased fire, like low fire, etc.
As eyes are an important seat of Pitta, eyes often manifest this low fire. Kapha diseases like diabetes lead to low Pitta in the eyes and cause blindness (diabetic retinopathy)

Ways to balance Pitta dosha

Whenever we do activities or follow repeated behaviors that match the qualities of fire, Pitta will be aggravated. Some of the examples are:
• Eating too hot spicy food
• Living, working, or playing in a fiercely competitive environment
• Being in the sun for too long

Reducing the fiery qualities will bring Pitta down
Eating Pitta pacifying foods- predominantly bitter, sweet, and astringent.
Cooling activities like swimming, nature walks, etc.

Doing a Virechana cleanse



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