Chronic Pancreatitis treatment in Ayurveda

How we treat Chronic Pancreatitis?

Chronic Pancreatitis is treated at HimVeda with herbal medicine and a strict dietary regimen. Panchakarma procedures are not done as most of the times the condition of the patient does not allow this. Hence the patients will not be admitted. Money and time can thus be saved as the diet can be followed at home.

Treatment success depends on diet. If followed correctly remarkable results can be achieved.Ayurvedic treatment Chronic Pancreatitis

Results expected

Duration of treatment varies from 10-12 months. No matter what the condition, improvement will be seen in first to second month. Digestion will improve and the need for digestive enzymes is reduced and is eventually stopped.

As far as pain is concerned, the frequency and intensity slowly comes down over a period of few weeks. There is a chance of relapse of symptoms during the treatment if patient does not comply with dietary instructions.

Acute cases are also taken up and will slowly recover. If the pain comes within 1-2 days of starting the medicine, then the patient might have to take allopathic medicine. Once the effects of our medicine have set in there is less chance of recurrence of pain.

Our medicines vary from patient to patient, depending on the age, body constitution and disease status. All these aspects are assessed by the doctor before deciding the treatment. The aim of the treatment is to balance air and fire elements.

We have treated a wide range of cases of chronic Pancreatitis including:

  • Autoimmune condition in kids
  • Idiopathic
  • Alcoholic
  • Necrotising varieties
  • Pancreatitis with splenomegaly, hepatomegaly and Portal Hypertension

We cannot claim to recover the dead part but function is successfully restored with our medicines.

 How to enroll for treatments?

You can call us on 9736853285 between 11 am to 6 pm and we will connect you to Dr Guleria . If he is unable to talk due to busy schedule, we will arrange a call back at more appropriate time.

After the discussion you can share your reports on the same no. as guided by the doctor. Once he has gone through the reports an appointment can be arranged if you wish to personally come to the clinic.

Or else the medicines can be parceled to your address after a detailed discussion with the doctor on phone.

Ayurvedic understanding

Pancreas also known as aganashaya/grahani is celebrated as the special seat of agni  (fire) in the body.

Pancreatitis in the initial phase is Vata-Pita (air & fire elements) aggravation in Rasa dhatu (digestive fluids) situated in agnashaya (Pancreas). In the chronic state there is dhatu kshaya (degenerative changes) in agnashaya.

Diet and Lifestyle

Food –

Use Satvik diet consisting of vegetables, cereals, fruits and non refined items. More stress should be on cooked rather than uncooked.

Pancreatitis Ayurvedic Treatment
Amla the wonder herb for Pancreatitis

Diluted buttermilk (Lassi) and Indian gooseberry (amla) are the choicest of foods for Chronic Pancreatitis in Ayurveda. Lassi can be made by mixing 10 ml of curd in 50 ml of water. Cumin powder and salt can be added to taste. Taking curd alone is not good.

The following are to be avoided –

  • Foods having pungent and sour taste are to be avoided  in general.
  • Fish,meat,cheese,curd,raw onion,garlic,lemon, hot spicy food
  • Refined wheat flour,refined sugar,deep fried food,fast food
  • Refrigerated foods like ice cream
  • Alcohol and smoking


  • Vajrasana (Thunderbolt Pose) after food
  • Avoid daytime sleeping.
  • Dinner should be very light preferably soups.

What our patients say?

S Ponnaiyan

Gurjeet Singh

Safia Bokhari

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200 Responses

    1. Dear Mr. Akhil

      We treat Chronic Pancreatitis. Results will be visible in the first month. Please send a message on our Whatsapp 9736853285.

      Best Regards

  1. Mera naam Rajib saha hai mujhe chronic pancreatitis ka problem hai, mujhe 2013 me pancreatitis ka first atake ayea tha, me Kolkata private hospital me 22 days tak admit tha doctors ne bola mujhe accut pancreatitis hai, uske baad se me 15 se 16 bar hospital me admit ho choka ho, 3 month pehle main gallbladder ka operation karvaya hai aur mere doctor ne bola mujhe chronic pancreatitis hai aur mere pancreas me chota chota stone hai,8 years ho gaya hai mera ye problem, abhi mujhe khana bhi hajam nahi hota hai,pat me gas banta hai acidity hai khati dakare hota hai, me is tarah ke problem se chutkara kese mileage mujhe bataya please.

  2. Mera naam Rajib hai me pichle 9 sal se pancreatitis problem me ho, kitne bar hospital bhi admit ho choka ho,mere Gallbladder me bhi stone tha 3 mahina pehale surgery karba choka ho ab to khana thik tara se hajam nahi hota hi,pat me dard bhi uthta hai, injection bhi lagana parta hai,ab doctors ne bola mera pancreas chronic hogaya hai surgery Karna padega, abhi surgery ke bina koi dosra treatment hai jaise me pehle ki tarah thik ho Sako, please mujhe bataya.

    1. Dear Rajib

      You can contact Dr Guleria on +919736853285. He will guide you on the treatments and the results expected.

      Kind Regards


      1. Dear Mr. Naresh
        Pancreatitis ka ilaj hai.
        Medicine 5-6 months chalegi.
        If damage to the Pancreas is less, the results will be quicker. Also if disease is new there will be quick results. We will have to assess the damage to Pancreasin the scan.Please send a message on 9736853285

  3. I am suffering from chronic pancreatitis since 2018 in my last CT scan report it was found chronic calcifoci pancreatitis,please suggest as I am having pain now

    1. Dear Mr Amit

      You can contact Dr Guleria on +919736853285. He will guide you on the treatments and the results expected.

      Kind Regards


      1. My son,age 10+, has Calcific pancreatitis with pancreatic calculi, has multiple stones sized 5.3 mm,mild hepatomegaly.Is he has any treatment in ayurveda?

  4. Hi sir , gd eve, I have problem in pancrea duct from 2 months. Wt is the medicine for pancrea duct sir

    1. Dear Sudarshan

      You can contact Dr Guleria on +919736853285. He will guide you on the treatments and the results expected.

      Kind Regards


  5. sir ,
    My wife is suffering with pancreatitis since one year during the time of first pregnancy because of gallstone. We also removed gallstone after pregnancy .She again face abdominal pain after all this .We consult with doctors about these issue and they make all the test like ERCP and some blood test . It is recurring because of bile duct dilated as per doctors views. We already more curious about diet as per doctors advise . Kindly suggest the best medicine to solve the issue .It is not be easy to visit your clinic because we live in United Arab Emirates ,so if possible to please advice through online .

    1. Dear Mr Mohammad

      You can contact Dr Guleria on +919736853285. He will guide you on the treatments and the results expected.

      Kind Regards


  6. Sir mujhe 2 साल से क्रोनिक पेंक्रियाज से पीड़ित हूं मुझे भूख बहुत कम लगता है
    और मेरा age 21 ka मेरा वजन तेजी से घट रहा है इस रोग को जड़ से खत्म करने का कोई उपाय बताए????

  7. I had thypoid 20 years back from that time i have constipation problem and digestive problem i have take anema in morning and in evening as there is pain in stomach doctors say it is ibs c problem as well as sinsus and migraine problem kindly solve my problem

    1. Dear Ankita
      You can discuss your case with Dr Guleria on 9418877955 between 11 am to 6 pm.
      Kind Regards

  8. Sir,
    Mujhe genatic pancreatities bataya gaya hai aur kaha hai ki is bimari ke liye koi bhi elaz nhi hai kya aayurveda mai eska koi bhi elaz hai kya???

    1. Dear Rohit

      We treat Pancreatitis.You can talk to Dr Guleria on 9418877955 between 11 am to 6 pm. He will guide you on the treatments and the results expected.

      Kind Regards 

  9. Mai 2015 we chronic calcific pancreatitis se peedit hu..mera Jan.2020 me Medanta hospital Gurugram se ilaaz chal rha h..Dr.baar baar hr 3 month me stent daal dete h..lekin uske baad bhi Na hi kuch kha paata hu aur na hi dard km hota h.. Pls mujhe aap Aayruved me Upchar bataayen jis se mai apni bachi hui Zindgi dard rahit guzaar sakun… Umashanker.. age 51.. Mobile..9695456021??Pls help me

    1. Dear Mr Umashanker
      We treat Chronic Pancreatitis.
      You can talk to Dr Guleria on 9418877955 between 11 am to 6 pm . He will guide you on the treatments and the results expected.
      Kind Regards

  10. Hi , my name is Anand and my brother is having Chronic pancreatic and i want to cure it permanently. So can you help me in cureing. Please reply i need help.

    1. I have been declared diabetic and mu sugar level ie fasting and PP vary on day to day basis example one day it is 180 fasting pp is 257 next day it is often fasting is within 120 and pp is within 160 range. I have undergone fibrosis test and level is L4, I have also problems in eyes diagnosed as retinopathy in both eyes. kindly suggest medicines

  11. I m33 year old female suffering from acute pancreatitis ..first attack was when I was around 11year old…second attack was in 2018….done ct scan…inflamed pancreas..still light pain occurs in the left side that radiates at back

  12. sir…..i use to suffer with recurrent pancreatic..due to pancreatic divisom…then since last 3years i have noo attack’…..but recently i use to feel pain in my stomach… i went for CECT then tha report says CHRONIC CLACIFIC PANCREATIC……with multipul clacifications….highest 8×12mm in neck region…..i dont have any weight loss…..but iam feeling pain sometimes….and indigestion…….sooo plz can u help

  13. Hi my mother has chronic pancreatitis we had sonography in this month it showed follow up chronic pancreatitis her age is 43 we had ERCP treatment for this and stent also placed but still pain is not go way please advice us is there any permanent solution in Ayurveda for chronic pancreatitis because allopathy doctor is saying there is no permanent solution for this

  14. Hello, how are you? My husband has been suffering from acute pancreatitis due to gallstones of cholesterol. He has microcalculations and a little fat in his liver, he is on a vegan diet and taking avocado leaf and rock breaking tea. I would like to know if there is a cure for gall bladder in Ayurveda, or is it necessary to remove it by surgery?

  15. I had severe stomach pain when I was 15 years old. Doctors finally said I have deposits of calcium stones on my pancreas. After taking some medicine, I tried to be free from pain with diet control. I found coconut to be my number one enemy. Immediately after having a meal and curry with coconut added to it, I would get severe abdominal pain. Even drinking milk would cause stomach pain. So I avoided having coconut and milk in any form, and having food with moderate quantity of oil (less oily and less spicy).

    Now, I am 50 years old. Even though I do not have abdominal pain, I find that I am losing weight gradually. I eat 5 or 6 meals a day. Otherwise, I become very tired. I feel that the food I eat are either not being digested properly or not being absorbed in my body properly.

    Could you please help me and suggest some proper treatment for my problem. Is there a treatment for de-calcification of pancreas? I will be extremely grateful for your help. Thank you.

  16. hi this is mallikarjuna form anantapur
    im also suffring for chronic pancreatitis
    plz cal me 9966955977

    can i talk with u sir

  17. My lipase level has gone up. Vitamin b-12 and Vitamin D are too low. Find difficult in digestion mostly. LDL and triglyceride is also too high. Fatigue is very common.Please advice What should i do?

  18. Sir namaste
    I had acute pencratitis attack in 2015 after 2 years i feel pain in my abdomen. I am using penlipase 25000 capsule and i also have liberels fibrosis stage 2…please tell me permanent cure for d same…

  19. Sir, I recently come to know that I have pancreaties. and experiencing pain in the middle of the back. I consulted the doctor in delhi and taking some medicines as well. I would like to opt for an ayurvedic treatment. Please suggest. also, please suggest food for this situation.

  20. Hi Sir,
    My sister has chronic pancreatitis since 2005, in every 2 – 3 months she gets hospitalized for 5 – 7 days. We can say in past 12 year she has hospitalized 50+ times, we have done almost every type of allopathic treatment. We have meet almost every allopathic expert in India.

    Last year in July we have done an operation, doctor said it will never pain again, but In july 2017 just after 1 year of Operation, it started paining, from July to September she has hospitalized two time.

    Please suggest is it possible to cure her in Ayurveda with Medication and Yoga?

  21. sir i am suffering from chronic pancreatitis from last 1 year my dr s.s. sharma from jaipur prescribed me panlipase and he said that it has no permanent treatment
    please sir suggest me ayurvedic medicine for permanent treatment
    vikram sharma
    sirsa Haryana

  22. Sir ,my husband is suffering with chronic calcific pancreatitis..since 7 yrs now he is diabetic also pls suggest any permanent treatment for it

  23. i am gautam jain from mumbai i am 38 years old i have occured with stone in panreas duct but after stone removel surgery my pancreas did not produce enzyms so i have taken panlipase 25000 daily 3 times a day but with this medicine i have problems like diarrhea vomiting and digestion problem so any permanant cure from that anymedicine in ayurveda pls reply pls sir

  24. dr i m sajid patel cronic pactareaitc stoan 5 mm
    6 Year later i have reamove my stone DR Amite maydev bt now i have get retan stone so please help us to get the permanent solution of it

  25. Dr. i m Shivam From meerut. i m suffering from pancreatic duct stone..right now i m taking treatment from AIIMS delhi..
    i want to know that is there any permanent treatment in Ayurved.. thankyou

  26. Dr. I am Yogesh from Pune, i’m suffering from chronic pancreatitis from last one year yester day I have done my sonography and report is ” Bulky and heterogeneous pancreas with multiple pancreatic calcifications S/o chronic pancreatitis, Dilated pancareatic duct with few pancreatic duct calculi.” Please help us to get the permanent solution of it.

  27. DEAR Dr.

    AGE- 25 YEARS
    WAIT- 58 KG

  28. DEAR Dr.

    AGE- 23 YEARS
    WAIT- 53 KG

  29. Hi ,
    i’m suffering from recurrent acute on chronic pancreatitis from 2008 and diagnosed with gall stones which has been removed through laparoscopic surgery in 2014. Was good healthy for two years and recently in 2016 i got an attack. Is there any complete treatment for this?Please help me

  30. sir, my friend suffering from chronic pancreatitis. he has 24 yrs old. doctor told that pseudo crysts are found in his abdomen. and suggested for surgery. he is afraid. sir is it curable or not? is there any permanent treatment? plz help me sir plz…

  31. Hi i m ruchi. Perminder singh 32 years old suffering from the same chronic pancreatic. And he suffered lot of pain due to this. He had an accident few years back due to that Doctors remove his tili (who digest food in our body)from stomach now last month again he suffer form fever and in that his vein blast in stomach who is connected to heart now i dont know wht to do for him.
    please show me the right way to help him i m really very much worried about him. please help me.

  32. my son suffering from chronic pancreatitis, normally he is ok but his sugar level is high & he is taking insulin two time in a day . is there any permanent treatment for same – 9255073601

  33. Dear sir
    My mother has suffering from chronic panreatis soce 4 year..she is taking creon but her skin become so dull n there is kot any her face she seems more aged than her actual there any reemdy for cure chronic pancreatis in ayurveda if plz..reply in my email..

  34. Hi Sir,

    My brother had recent attack of acute pancratatis.. We took him to delhi to Sri Ganga Ram Hospital and he was admitted for a month. Doctors put a pipe in his stomach and he is better now. But still lot of questions in mind. Please help us to get the permanent solution of it.9832588889

  35. Sir, my self rishabh m 22 residing in jammu.. i don’t know what my real problem is but my doctor told me that m suffering from an early stage of chronic ideopathic pancreatitis.. is there any way to treat it permanently…plz do give ur reply

  36. Sir I am having a acute pancreatitis since 2010,I had lost my weight about 14 kg,I am regular drinker and smoker,plz suggest me any treatment in ayurveda

  37. Dr.
    I am having acute pancreatitis from last 2 yrs my GB is removed and cyst are formed in pancreas now the cyst are removed I don’t want it to come so pls suggest me with some ayurvedic medicine’s to cure it completely

  38. Sir,I am suffering from chronic pancreatitis for past 10 years.Before 8 years they confirmed there are stones in pancreatic duct and those are blasted without open surgery in AIG hyderabad.But i had no any pain since many years.Diabetes attacked before 5 years.But when ever i went for check up every year no stones are found in duct,but chronic pancreatitis in shown in report.I will use creon 10,000 when i feel i am eating oily food.What is your suggestion for the treatment sir?

  39. Dignosed wit chronic calcific pancreatities on 4 aug 2016 in AIG..
    ESWL & 2times ERCP done.. now pancreatic stent placed.. taking enzymes tablets etc.. bt i am feeling imflammation in pancratic area .. light pain is constantly going on….. digestion is not too bad
    Bt i hv stent in pancreas n it will b replaced aftr 3 mnths… shall i continue this proces???? or come to you for more good results…

  40. Dr.I’m suffering from calcific chronic pancreaticist since last 2-3 month. My treatment continoue in K E M Hospital in mumbai in there ct scan & sonography found few
    stone in pancreas . AIso PD is 15mm. I need Ayurvedic Solution
    to destroy this stone. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Help Me.

    1. My husband is suffering from chronic calcific pancreatitis .pls suggest if there is any permanent treatment for this or any other treatment .thankyou

  41. I had an issue with my pancreas and I got my first attack at the age of 21(2006) and it was diagnosed as acute pancreatitis after that I experienced similar pain at the age of 31(Feb 2016) and I was admitted into hospital and this time also it was diagnosed as acute pancreatitis. I went for doctor’s review in the month of April and they have done endoscopic-ultra-sunography and concluded that it is “early chronic pancreatitis”. I don’t have any inflammation or any pain in my stomach…I had experienced severe pain in my stomach at the age of 21 and 31…once I discharged from hospital.. I don’t have any pain in my stomach..please let me know if there is any permanent cure for this disease.. Ur help is highly appreciated
    Thank u

  42. Sir ,my name is awtansh 22 yrs old frst acute pancreatitis is found in may 2009 ..when i was 15 ..thenit came in 2011 nd 2012 till doc dosent found it chronic….nd then it happens again in 2016 feb nd they declare it is chronic…m suffering from diabetes also nd having insulin(lyspro+glargine).nd the m gone through MRCP,CT SCAN nd ultrasound…nd thy found NOTHING……m not a alcholic person..neither smoker nor any stone in gall blader….

  43. Sir
    I am diaognised for chronic pancreatitis with stones in main pancratic duct.I have no pain & no major complaints except intermittant changes ( increase ) of blood suger level. Iam kept on nsulin nowI am recommended to go for ERCP & stone removal.
    At present I am kept on Creon 10000 thrice a day & Supracid liquid twice a day.
    What is your advise to cure chornic pancreatitis & if ERCP / surgery can be avoided ?
    What is the treatment with ayuvedic method & how long it will take to cure permanantly ?

    1. Hi sir
      How you feel now
      What is the treatment taken for the chronic pancreatitis
      Please tell me
      My sister also suffering with chronic pancreatitis
      Please give me suggestions
      7995958091 john

      1. Dear Sir

        We treat Pancreatitis with good results. You can talk to Dr Guleria on 9418877955 between 11 am to 6 pm. He will ask for some reports and then let you know what results can be achieved.

  44. Dr, my husband is suffering from chronic pancreatitis for the past 11 years from 2005. There was not much pain episodes till last year. But from last October he has had 3, 4 attacks. Stones are big in the pancreas and so there is severe blockage. Is it possible to remove the stones and be pain free as well? He is 5t 11 inches. But his weight is now 58 kg. Please suggest a way for us.

  45. My sister has acute pancreatisis and she is hospitalised. She is nt able to take anything orally n has been vomiting continuously. Please suggest some helpful measures for his pain relief. This is second attack in js 3 months time and is very gross this time. Is there any relief in ayurveda for such patients.

  46. My sister is suffering from acute pancreatitis from past 4 years now. She has stents inserted as well. However, her amaylase lipase suddenly shoots up. Please help.

  47. Dear sir / madam, I have got married before 4 months & my husband had a pancreas problem from past 1 year..& till now he suffering from the pain..because of alcohol got a problem as doctor said so plzzzz give me a solution to complete cure from this problem

  48. I am 30 yrs and suffering from chronic pancreatitis.
    I get pain every 15 days as having creaon 25000.
    I have got stent replaced 2-3 times but it is not helping.
    White chalky substance getting accumulated in pancreas which doctors clean it with ercp and I get relief for 15 days only.

    Please advice treatment

  49. Dr. I am a patient of chronic pancreatitis. In our doctor done ERCP and also put stain and remove my pancreas. But i am not fully well. I have to need better treatment. Pl give me some beter idea.

  50. Sir i m suffering from chronic pancreatitis from year 2003…a stent has been placed in cbd in 2013..whenever i eat outside food i got pain in my stomach with vommittings…can i come for ayurveda treatment??plz reply..thnx

  51. I am just 24 years old and i am suffering from chronic pancreatitis. I dont drink alcohol but i am eating tobacco daily. I love to take fast food and at that case i will suffer more pain in my pancreas The pain has been aris that i will die at that time. I want to change my life style So plz provide some treatment so that i can improve my chronic pancreatitis as soon as possible

  52. Hi Dr
    My sister is suffering from chronic calcific pancreatitis since last 10 yrs, however was only diagnosed last 1 year. Her pancreas have significant atrophy. She has undergone ESWL/ERCP at Asian institute of Grastroenterology, Hyderabad. for the removal of stones in the pancreatic duct. Even after this her symptoms are still worsening. We would like to know if you could treat this. I can send you all the reports.

  53. i am 37 year old and suffer from chronic pancreatitis i have admitted hospital in march for remove stone in pdbut but docter did remove only 75 percent stone in pd it didnot improve my condition i have lost my wieght about 12 kg so i want to be cured permanantly from this can this cured permnantly in ayurveda pls reply fast i have badly needed

  54. Dear Sir,

    I am 31 years old and having chronic pancreatitis since 2007.I have been admitted to hospital for 15-20 times because of the sever abdominal pain since then.
    In the year 2014 its been identified as chronic calcific pancreatitis. I went through ERCP and ESWL procedure in Asian institute of Gastroenterology hospital Hyderabad to remove the calcification.It did not improve my condition either.i have been admitted 2 or 3 times since then.Recently i have been admitted in this month(May 2016) only.
    All the doctors are saying chronic pancreatitis happens because of alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking but i have never consumed alcohol or cigarette in my life.The real reason is still unknown to the doctors.

    I want to be cured permanently from this chronic pancreatitis.i heard about your successful ayurvedic treatment program for chronic pancreatitis patients.Please let me know if you need any further information from my side.Please keep me posted.

  55. iam suffing from pancratics stone 10mm past 1.5 years pl help stone remove solution
    motion oil pl suggest contact no 9003019067
    tamilnadu chennai

  56. Hi Sir,

    Recently I have come to know that I am suffering from atropic chronic pancreatitis. Please let me know if there is any permanent treatment in ayurveda or homeopathy for this disease. As of now I have been advised to take panlipase or creon 10000 during lunch or dinner.

    I am seriously worried and anxious ever since I been diagnosed by this disease. Please help ASAP


  57. I am suffering from recurrent acute pancreatitis for the past 4 years. Since then I feel stomach bloating, gastric trouble, inflammation, constipation. I belch all the time. Genetic report says it’s genetic (spink1 genetic mutation). In some reports it says hereditary. Please suggest if there any cure.

  58. Sir

    I am suffering with chronic pancreatic from year 2005 ..4 times stunts are placed and stones formation also exist in pancreases, even though i am a vegetarian and follow strict diet My Cholesterol and Try Glycerides levels are bit high and suffering with pancreas attacks

    please suggest what treatment i need to follow and how can this be cured

  59. My wife had obstructive jaundice. Her pancreas head, bile duct, gall bladder etc. got removed in Whipples procedure. There was no malignancy but she was diagnosed with Auto Immune Pancreatitis. She is on Creon 25000 (3 per day) and 10 units of insulin.

    How can you help her to come out of drug and lead a normal life.

  60. Am from hyderabad. Am suffering from cp sir. Am taking treatment at Asia Gastro hospital so it will be cure permanent from ayurvedic treatment pls reply me

    1. hi this is mallikarjuna form anantapur
      im also suffring for chronic pancreatitis
      plz cal me 9966955977

      can i talk with u sir

  61. I am female 25 years old… 6 months back i was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis caused by centipede. Now after 6 month a psuedocyst is developed in the pancreas body of size 11×6 cm and hetergenous attenuation in pancreas found. Is it chronic pancreatitis. Plzz suggrst dis what should i do. Is der treatment in your hospital. Also due to cyst.. i have the diabetes as well.

  62. Dear Sir,

    My wife is suffering from chronic pancreatic since last two years , treatment is going on in Mumbai, global hospital and she has gone through MRCP / ERCP treatment multiples times and taking continuous medicine from long times.

    There are few months where no pain but pain attack come within 3 to 06 months.

    Please advice if there are any permanent treatment for this diseases.

    Waiting for your response.

    Thanks in Advances.


    Suraj Kadbe
    +91 9769988231

  63. Dear sir,
    I am 18 years old, female. I am patient of chronic pancreatitis. I had surgery/ operation in april 2010. I don’t have diabities but I am having this pain every year. Dr. Have done endoscopy operation in 2014 but still I am suffering from pain every year and having indesgition problem. I am taking Creon 10000 4 tablets everyday. Please tell me what should I do. Hope to get your reply soon.

    Thank you

  64. Dear Doctors, I am from Nepal. The case is my 25years brother is suffering from chronic pancreastitis from 7years, several time he was admitted in hospital. From last 3months he was severely get attacked from pain and we took him to reputed hospital in kathmandu, ct scan was done there and some silica stone was seen in pancreas they suggest us to visit india to takeout those stone through endoscopic surgery method. Recently 2weeks ago we went to india and visited hospital too. But Dr. keep staint there for period of 3 months, and told us to visit after 3months. Now we are nepal and my brother still suffering from pain. I can’t see him in pain everytime. Please help me and suggest me can’t Pancreastitis totally cured? What we can do to make him relief from this diseses and pain. We want to visit you. Hope you will help us to get free from this pain. Thankyou soo much.

  65. Dear sir, I am from Nepal,
    I am suffering from chronic pancreatitis from last 7 years and now my age is 25years. Dr. told that there are some silica in my pancreas so I have gone treatment with a endoscopic surgeon. Recently 2weeks ago dr. keept staint there for 3 month after three month according to condition they can keep staint agiain or may can remove it according to dr.saying. Than also I am suffering from pain sometime. And i am taking Enzer HS 25000mg medicine now n it will continue life time. If there is any permanent cure than please guide me. If need I am ready to send my hospital reports at your mail address. Thank you

  66. Sir,I’m diagnosed with chronic calcific pancreatitis with stricture in head to neck region,pseudocyst at tail portion and bulky head with signal inhomogenuity.I went to Apollo Hospital,Kolkata where Dr.M.K.Goenka told me he will do E.R.C.P.,will put stent in CBD/PD and then perform ESWL to remove the calculi in the PD.The PD is grossly dialated and there is stricture in distal third of CBD.I am prescribed with Pantodac40 OD,Creon25000 thrice with meals,Antoxyl Forte twice daily and Tramazac50 SOS.Suffering from regular pain especially after taking meals and almost daily have to use Tramazac.Please tell me is there any remedy to my problem and also if there is any substitute for Creon25000 as this is very costly and I am unable to buy and take this regularly.Please help.

  67. Sir
    I m rahul  from India. In Feb 2012 , I was attacked from acute nec. Pancreatic . I lost my weight 15kg only in one month .and admitted in hospital for 1 month.thereafter i was released and advised to follow-up to my case my pancreas was covered with infacted liquid was given to me medicines for 3 yrs in which abott company  creon 40000 capsules was helped me very much. Last yr endoscopic ultrasound was performed by dr. The condition of mine is that the top and tail of pancreas was remains and middle part was lost due to infection.  And at last year my weight was 63kg.but since four months i m loosing my weight continously. And in evening there is oily motions stool 4-5 times in these last  three months .
    So advice me what should I do?
    Thank you
    Rahul garg
    M 9268317089

  68. Dear Sir ,

    In 2013 I had kidney stones when they were scanning incidental they found that 6-8mm stone in my pancreas.
    When i consulted the 2 doctors they told me that , as am not getting the pain i can ignore it.

    From last 2 weeks i was suffering from little discomfort in chest , so doctor asked me to do all the check-ups and scan.

    I found that pancreas stone has now increased to 9mm , but doctor is saying to igonre it untill i get any problems.

    All other tests shows normal.

    Kindly suggest is there a way to get rid of this stone ?Am totally worried .

    1. Hi sir
      You get the treatment for chronic pancreatitis
      Please tell me what you get the treatment for chronic pancreatitis
      Please reply me sir
      I have chronic pancreatitis

      1. Dear Sir
        We treat Chronic Pancreatitis.
        You can talk to Dr Guleria on 9418877955 between 11 am to 6 pm.
        Kind Regards

  69. Sir i have a acute pancreatitis from last 6 years and 12 times its attack on liver and give a tretment of allopathy and dr suggest me to do the stenting for every three month and he will not take gurantee of these problem not occurs again again so i want the whole information of ours courses plz do me that
    Sir i will totaly lost my hopes of life against these problem.

  70. Hello sir, my sister is suffering from chronic pancreatitis with calcifications from 2007, and now diagnosed with some stones in pancreatic duct……… She is in pain on daily basis….. We need solution … Please……..!

    1. Hi sir
      You get the treatment for chronic pancreatitis
      Please tell me what time you get the treatment for chronic pancreatitis
      I have chronic pancreatitis
      Please reply me sir
      7995958091 this is my number

  71. My mother is suffering from ‘Chronic Atrophic Pancreatitis’ which was detected in Dec’15 and she is a patient of Diabetes since 4-5 years. Please suggest if there is any treatment for same. Thanks in advance.

  72. I am also suffering from chronic pancreatitis . And m very much deperresed . Plzzzz help me . M fed up with this life . Sometimes i think about suside . Is there any treatment for this disease .

  73. Doctor I have just go test done done and found the increased level of
    Amylase -130 (Photometry range-30-118)
    Lipase – 110 (Photometry range 13-60)

    Please suggest how to cure this and where can I meet you

  74. My wife is a having a chronic pancreatitis from last 2 year (Age 27). Now she is 4 month pregnant and in last 2 months she had 3 attacks of severe pain where we had to admit her in hospital for 3-4 days. Is pancreas problem increased in pregnancy. As doctor suggested any further attack could lead to miscarriage we are in fear. Please advise

    1. Diet modification alone can reduce Pancreatitis by 30%. Mild medicine along with right diet can greatly enhance this percentage.

  75. Dr my son 15 years is suffering from chronic calcifying pancreatitis. I am worried about him. Can you cure this. My son is very depressed. I am from Tamilnadu. Pls reply doctor

  76. my pancrease hs been removed along with Gallbladder due to a tumer on pancrease head.
    Now i am taking ” CREON” after every meal.
    I am having a very restricted Diet without sugar.
    Is there any ayurvedic substitute of CREON

  77. My mom is suffering from chronic pancreatic since 2012…Initially she got this once in a she is getting this once in every 5 month and getting admitted to hospital..Its almost 7 times she has got admitted coz of this in last 3 years…
    Please let me know if you can help …
    contact num:9861183515

  78. I have been suffering from chronic pencreatities ,treatment is going on from PGI Chandigarh But i got pain on every month intervals ,please suggest me ayurvedic treatment for this problem

  79. Dear Sir,

    This is Saurabh here. 6-7 weeks back I had upper abdominal pain and gastroentrologist after doing some test (CT SCAN, MRCP, LIPASE, Ultrasound) deduced that it was accute pancreatitis. after 4 Days in hospital on IV fluid my pain was gone but it appears every few days and goes to my back. I feel drowsy and dizzy sometimes as well. I lost weight also. I am pure vegeterian and stopped fat. My Cholestrol and Try Glycerides levels are bit high. Please suggest is it chronic Pancreatitis or something more serious. What should I take as ayurvedic medicine and what kind of treatment should I follow. Also let me know the diet please. I am too stressed because of constant pain


  80. sir i started smoking in 2008 initially i smoked one cig a day some time 6 to 7. sometime i took alcohol as well. i was non vegaterian also . in 2013 i started to feel very little pain (little bit right of central part of upper abdomen) so i went to dr. he prescribed me some med. and usg/whole abd. the report was normal .so thought its a gastrict problem (as my family mem ber and my friend told me) . this year in march i had pain in same place it was little bit intense than earlier so i went to dr. he told me for blood test ( tc dc, sgpt lipase amylase) my lipase was high ( normal 0-60, result 139 as on 31.03.2015) he prescribed me antibiotic again i cheked my lipase and amylase on 22.04.2015.lipase 144 and amylase 86 (normal lipase 0-60. amylase 0-80) i changed my dr i went (on 25.04.2015)dr vijay prakash HOD gasteroentrology pmch he recomanded for LFT and USG w/a ( both were normal) and FBS ( normal 70-100 result-105)he prescribed me enzar -hs (pancreatine capsule) but after two days i again cunsulted dr vijay prakadh sir this time he recomanded for EUS ( result -hypoechoic and hatereogeneous pancreati parenchyma.?resolving acute pancreatitis normal cbd and indication -?chronic pancreatitis)i took this med. for 20 days my lipase and amylase was normal i thought that problem has gone but in july it again started pain so this time i went aiims delhi . i fixed my appointment with dr s. k. acharya hod gasterointerology but on the fixed date i met a senior resident ( dr.acharya was not present on sheduled date ). senior resident recommended for cect w/a , hemogram LFT ,KFT all reports were normal random blood sugar -98 ( normal 70-140) so dr told me to not worry and adviced me to med. prescribed by dr vijay prakash sir i took this med for 3 months and stopped it in august now once again i m feeling pain and lots of gas in the stomach…some of my friend is advicing me to go sgpgi lucknow so request you to kindly help me so that i can do something my mo 99905449837 please taulk to me m very nervous

  81. I am from Ludhiana suffering from chronic pancreatitis since 5 years. My Doctor from Apollo, Ludhiana told me that chronic pancreatitis is incurable and prescribed only panlipase. However chronic pain have been occurred every one & half year . Now, I would like to know about Ayurvedic treatment of chronic pancreatitis. Plz suggest me permanent cure for acute pancreatitis i undergone treatment with last month in apollo but i need permanent cure

  82. My brother has acute pancreatisis and is hospitalised. He is nt able to take anything orally n has been vomiting continuously. Please suggest some helpful measures for his pain relief. We r very wworried. This is second attack in js 2 months time and is very gross this time. Is there any relief in ayurveda for such patients.

  83. I am suffering from chronic pancreatitis from last 3 years. I am going treatment with a endoscopic surgeon. After putting staint 3 times for 3 month each up to 10fr. Than also I am suffering from pain sometime. If there is any permanent cure than please guide me.

  84. I am suffering from chronic pancreatitis last 10 years but last year the pain is so high and my spleen artry is also leaked and doctor put staint in it from november i m ok but last weak agan i m suffer from pain
    Now i m taking low fat diet ,double tone milk, corn flakes
    &i m surviving on creon 25000 (3times) razo 20 , cipler la 20 , zincovat , creon1000 (with milk or biscut
    I want permanent solution of this problem

  85. I’m suffering from chronic pancreatitis for the past 7 years. There are calcifications and strictures and blocks in PD. Ercp has been done but temporary relief the problem recurred. Now the doctor is suggesting surgery. I get pain once a month and is vvery severe. Please advise.

  86. Hello Sir,
    I have acute chronic calcific pancreatitis, kindly let me know if there is permenant cure for damaged pancreatitis & pain episodes which are becoming regular now a days.

  87. Hi, I’m suffering from lost 5years chronic pancreas pls let me know now days I recently attacking diabetes, if there is cure let me know.

  88. Dear Dr.

    I had undergone surgery for ulcer and gall bladder stone 25 years back. I am now 63 and for the past 7/8 years have been suffering diabetic in the border line and some time crosses little bit. I fully believe in Ayurvedic medicines and using for 7/8 years and have not at all tried allopathic medicines. Please let me know as how to improve the functions of pancreates to enable me to reduce intake of Ayur medicines.

    Thank you,

  89. i am suffering from pancratitis from 2008 & found few
    stone in pancreas. now i am take creon 25000 3 times daily, pantocid 40 1 od, oneup gold 1 od, pregalin 1 bd, tramazac SOS.
    humalog mix 50 insulin 25iu per day.
    However serious pain has been occurred for every 3-5 months intervals.
    Now, I would like to know about Ayurvedic treatment of pancreatitis.
    I need Ayurvedic permanent Solution to destroy this stone and pain.

    1. Hi sir
      You get the treatment for chronic pancreatitis
      If you get
      Please tell me where the treatment was
      I’m suffering with chronic pancreatitis
      Please call me sir

  90. Dear sir,

    My name is Sandeep age 28.initially I had 4aattacks of acute pancreatitis after that doctor said it is chronic . please suggest me medicine I malso suffering from gastric. I was alcoholic but never smoked
    9034847951 I

  91. Sir I am suffering from chronic pancreas since last 5 year. I have endoscopy and now. There are some fluid. Ihave panlepase 25000.plese tell parmament treatment.

  92. I am suffering from Chronic Pancreatitis since the last 4 years. 2 years ago my ERCP was done by Dr. Maydeo and the stones were removed. I don’t have any major problems now as I regularly take Creon 25000 and have normal food. Just need to know, if there is any permanent cure for the same

    1. Hi sir
      Can you possible call me sir
      I want to know about the treatment for chronic pancreatitis
      I have stones in the pancreatitis
      Please reply me sir

  93. Hello Sir,

    I am suffering pancreatitis divisum from last 1 year.
    I done MRCP 6 month before in which is found after the pancreatitis divisum,, After that ERCP is done. But know again its paining 15 days before again I do MRCP found the same after that again I had ERCP, know the stent is placed. (1 week before)

    please suggest me ayurvedict treatment for complete cure

  94. I am from Manipur suffering from chronic pancreatitis since 20 years. My Doctor from Sir Ganggaram Hospital, New Delhi told me that chronic pancreatitis is incurable and prescribed only panlipase. However serious pain has been occurred for every 3-5 months intervals. Now, I would like to know about Ayurvedic treatment of chronic pancreatitis.

  95. I am suffering from chrono pancreatitis for the past 10 years.On an average I have two outbreaks per year.There is constant pain always.The cause seems to be unknown.My tryglycirides are always high.Sometimes due to pressure on my abdomen also I get pancreatitis.Please suggest.

  96. Dear Sir,

    My brother in-law is suffering from pancreatitis since last one and half year and we are taking treatment from Dr. Rajesh puri in medanta hospital gurgaon. Still we r not relaxed from this we have already done all test of eus, ct scan and blood tests but there is problem in pancreas.there is swelling in pancreas.
    So please suggest us for this

    1. Dear Sir, recently i diagnosed as chronic pancreatitis with Duct dialation 11mm , but i dont have any symptome of pain and other episodes. now iam taking creon tablet as prescribed by dr. and antioxidant immuno gold. can you suggest the Aurvedic treatment for this to avoide the further complications.

  97. Sir,
    My brother is suffering from pancreatitis from 1 year. Undergone with treatment but still after some Days he is still feeling the same pain almost in every month . Could you please please suggest us where can we get the right treatment for this pancreatitis as early as possible.

  98. My brother suffering from cronic pencreatic past 10yrs had operation found some stone 0preation has been done, his pencreatic has damage plz suggest ayurvidice medicine. .ph no 07699876762

    1. sir i am suffering from chronic pancreatitis for the last one year and i am having allopathic medicines since then but of no use.still have the pain.kindly tell me if treatment in ayurveda is possible.

      1. Namste sir
        My wife (age 24) suffering from chronic pancreas
        Recently ercp procedure done and place the stent
        Still she have pain regular please advice us and permanent solution in Ayurveda


  99. I have been suffring from chronic pancreatities since 2011.My spleen was removed but I am surving on creon25000 tell me the remedy in ayurveda.One stricture is also found in my pancreas.

  100. I have been suffering from chronic pancreatities since 2000.My spleen was removed but I am surving on creon40000 capsul.Please tell me the remedy in ayurveda.One stricture is also found in my pancreas.

  101. Dr.I’m suffering from cronic pancreaticist since 2008.Dr.Amit Maydev done endoscopy operation & found few
    stone in pancrea after putting staint those stones r still present.I need Ayurvedic Solution
    to destroy this stone.

    1. Dear Mr.Jay,don’t worry we have given great results in such cases.Please mail us the detailed case history.

      1. Dr.साहब मुझे acute pancreatitis 2006मैं हुई थी,पथरी के ऑपरेशन के बाद(किडनी),फिर हॉस्पिटल मैं रहने के बाद ठीक हो गयी. 2014 मैं मुझे फिर से हुई,डॉक्टर शराब पीने के लिए मना करते हे,अब मेरा वज़न काफ़ी बढ़ रहा है.कोई आयुर्वेद मैं सही रास्ता है तो बताइए स्वस्थ रहने का
        देव अग्गरवॉल-दिल्ली

  102. We would like to know your body constitution and the state of the disease before initiating the treatment.A detailed mail has been sent to you.

    1. Hi Dr…. I’m suffering from chronic calcifying pancreatitis since long., initially I had symptoms of it but now I don’t have any symptoms of it but recent scan showed that they are getting atropied … Can you suggest me some medicine for decalcification of them

      1. Having chronic calcific pancreatitis, pancreas stone and small non cancerous cyst in pancreas. Did you find any good treatment. Please suggest

        1. Dear Mr Sudhanshu
          We treat chronic calcific pancreatitis. You can talk to Dr Guleria on 9418877955 between 11 am to 6 pm. He will guide you on the treatments and the results expected.
          Kind Regards

    1. I have a pancreatic problem .My pancrease goes to narrow day by day from which i suffer from severe abdominal pain ,doctor say because of narrowing pancrease i have also gastricts problem .I suffer from severe pain day by day increasing please share me medication for this,

      1. Dear Mr Adhikari

        You can talk to Dr Guleria on 9418877955 between 11 am to 6 pm . He will guide you on the treatments and the results expected.

        Kind Regards


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