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Chronic kidney disease in Ayurveda

Chronic Kidney Disease Ayurvedic treatment

We at HimVeda are successfully treating Chronic kidney disease (CKD) with Ayurvedic medicines. The medicines have to be taken at home along with a strict diet.Chronic Kidney Disease Ayurveda Treatment

Expected Results:

Basic blood tests like serum creatinine, urea etc. are advised just before starting the medicine and are repeated 2 weeks after, with the same lab.

A mild improvement in blood tests is expected in 2 weeks. Strong results will be evident in 1-2 months.

For those on dialysis, tests can be repeated even after a week. It’s a little difficult to compare urea/creatinine levels in a patient on dialysis. So each time the tests will be done the same no. of hours before and after dialysis.

Slowly the dependence on dialysis (frequency and duration) is reduced and can also be stopped in due course of time. Recovery will be faster in those who follow proper diet and lifestyle.

So are you ready to follow the diet and lifestyle as prescribed by us in accordance with  Ayurvedic shastras?

Procedure to receive treatment:

You can call us on 9736853285 between 11 am to 6 pm and we will connect you to Dr Guleria . If he is unable to talk due to busy schedule, we will arrange a call back at more appropriate time.

After the discussion you can share your reports on the same no. as guided by the doctor. Once he has gone through the reports and he feels that good results are expected, an appointment can be arranged if you wish to personally come to the clinic. Or else the medicines can be parcelled to your address after a detailed discussion with the doctor on phone.

Personalised treatment approach:

Each patient is different and will require a different treatment approach. The choice of medicines, dietary changes and the results expected depend on the following considerations:

  • Prakriti or taseer (body type) of the patient. This will be assessed by asking a set of questions.
  • Associated diseases

Diseases like diabetes, hypertension are usually associated with CKD

  • Age

People of all ages can get CKD.

  • Extent of kidney shrinkage

The normal kidney size is 10-12 cm. Usually kidney shrinks in CKD. The greater the shrinkage the more difficult it becomes to treat chronic kidney disease. We have treated kidneys with size as less as 6.7 cm. Size up to which we can give good results depends on the age, physical strength and other associated diseases.

  • Blood creatinine levels. Our medicine works best up to creatinine level 8-10. But we have treated cases with levels as high as 15. Sometimes if due to high levels the condition of the patient is critical, we will ask the patient to go for dialysis and then come to us once the levels come down to 8-10.


  • Low Hb is usually found and comes to normal once the medicine is started. If it is critically low we ask for blood transfusion at an allopathic facility prior to starting our treatment.


So there are many variables in CKD and we cannot claim to successfully treat each and every case. From time to time we will have to refuse treatments to patients if we believe it will not give much results.

What is chronic kidney disease in Ayurveda?

According to Ayurveda urine formation starts in intestine itself although filtration takes place in kidneys. Imbalance of agni (fire element ) disturbs  the process of formation and filtration of urine, Malformed urine leads to accumulation of wastes in the body.This unwanted accumulation is known as ‘ama sanchaya’ (toxin accumulation) in Ayurveda. This ‘ama’ accumulation manifests as –

  • loss of appetite
  • tiredness
  • heaviness
  • puffiness around the eyes
  • excess water (in the later stages)
  • abnormal values of Creatitnine, Urea ,GFR  etc.


On the basis of different factors, damage at different levels of filtration apparatus can take place.

Diet and lifestyle:

The main aim is to increase the agni while keeping the medicines as soft on the body as possible, as kidney is an organ derived from the mother according to Ayurvedic shastras.


  • Dals
  • Milk and milk products like dahi (yogurt)
  • Seeds and nuts
  • Non veg items like meat, fish and eggs
  • Hot spices’ pepper, chillies etc.
  • Less of wheat/ brown bread ( as it is heavy to digest)
  • Junk foods,white sugar, refined foods like maida etc.

Consume:CKD Ayurvedic Treatment

  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Rice after removing starch
  • Diluted lassi (buttermilk) is the only allowed milk product
  • Water processed with berberis/cumin seeds


  • Do not forcibly hold the urge to pass urine or stools (vegadharana)
  • Avoid daytime sleep except when very sick
  • Avoid heavy meals after dark
  •  Hot water fomentation over the kidney area is advised.
  • Vajrasana (thunderbolt pose)after food

Patient testimonials:

Mr. Manoranjan

Rishi Ranjan

Haresh Kumar


  • My mother is 73 years old and suffers from Acute Renal failure. She has one Kidney and is under treatment for last 12 years for her kidney function. Her kidney function deteriorated since March this year. Her creatin in March 15 was 4. And as on 21may 2015 her creatin is at 9.88 and BUN at 183. She has been recommended for dyalsis, but we have not yet started it. She has no visible symptoms yet for dyalasis. She is obese weight 98kg height is 5.2ft. We have not tried any alternative medicine so far. Please advice is. We live in Gurgaon.

  • My English is not so good so I write in English but like in hindi.

    Meri biwi ko C K D he.
    Delivary me 1 baby ko janam dene k thik 2 mahine baad wo bumaar padi.
    Tab , uska creatinine 7.5 tha. Filhaal uska creatinine 3.50 blood urea 150 aa raha hai. Blood pressure 140-150 rehta hai. Pls sir hame koi raasta batao.
    I have only 2 years daughter. Pls sir.

  • Hi..my self Dr. Arvind Kumar Gupta . My mother is suffering from acute on Ckd last one month .she is 65 year old . Her blood creatinine level 4.4 and blood urea level 74. this week 5/8/2015 her blood creatinine is 2.9 and blood urea 56 ,Hb 7.4….she has nusea, loss of appetite . What should I do.please guide me

  • gopal sharma says:

    hello my wife is very sad about is boz she have ckd paroblm last 1 year but now her creatinine is 7.00. last two months i m very sad im control to food we start meidicines frm dr pls hellp to me my wife age is only 43 his bp is 70/110 pls tel me whts i do

  • sir my mother is a ckd patient. her ceatinine is 13, BUN 178, anaemic, hb 37%, loss of appetite, no sleep at night, weak, breathing problem generally at night, sometimes indigestion and stomache, swelling, itching. sir please suggest treatment. she has hypertension also.

  • Hello Sir …my self prasanta kumar goswami .suffering in ckd .my ceating 2.8,urea 56 ,sodium-122,potassium- 3.9 was on dated 8/8/2015 But on dated 21/10/2015 ceating 3.13,urea 44 ,sodium-129,potassium- 4.2 , I m very sad im control to food we start meidicines frm dr pls hellp to me my age is now 51 year is bp is 140/90 pls tel me whts i do.

  • Dear Sir,

    I am 60 years old male, diabetic from last 18 years, now insulin dependent. Blood pressure from last 5 years.

    My creatinine now is 7 and urea 120. Doctor advising me for dialysis..pressuring me to do dialysis.

    What should I do….pls advise me.

    S.K. Shrivastava

  • Required for kidney treatment, hemoglobin is less than the normal range , albumin in the urine “+++” , creatinine is 3.5mg/dl plese Suggest

  • amit says:

    suffering from ckd creatinine is 4.5 and urea is 60 BP is 150/85 Pl advise whether ayuverda can treat my condition and I can have my normal life

  • amit says:

    How to treat ckd in ayuvetda

  • raju says:

    My Sister age is 19. Due to high BP her Creatinine is 5.5 and blood uria is 89. Doctor recomends kidney transplantation. Please suggest me

  • Muthukumar.m says:

    I am 24 years old iam ckd patient blood creatinine 10.2 urea 122 HB 8.6 now going weekly two times dialysis please advice me how to remedies my life

  • dhir says:

    my wife is on 1kidney age 32…..creatinine 4 ……urea 100…..

    plz help. she is on high blood pressure med. amlodipine 5 mg….
    …my email.. dhirajn24@gmail.com

  • Priya Dhole says:


    My mother is on hemodialysis since last 16 months, diabetic and high BP. Her age is 65. Plz provide solution for reducing skin blackening due to dialysis

  • Mahesh says:

    My father 55 years age he is suffering from diabetic ckd his creatine is 6.6 currently he is so weak but he is not haivng any swellings in the body does it can be treated.

  • UDAYKUMAR says:

    wife is a patient of ckd from 8 mnths. she is on dialysis twice a week.bun is 90,cret is 9,hb is 5, no blood forming.kdnys shrink

  • Sandeep says:

    My serum creatinine is 4.2 there Is no symptoms in body my age is 30 can it can come in control level?

  • dev singh says:

    My wife is suffering my ckd her s creatinine is 1.5 kindly help any medicine to control this level and her age is 43 yrs

  • Abiel Anand says:

    My name is Anand, and my mother is suffering with (CDK) kidney issues. 2 years back she went under dialysis and the doctor’s told its hard to save her. But a ayurvedic doctor from my nearby home town, helped her to recover – she responded well initially but later again we noticed that her creatinine have gone upto 7 and now we are unable to proceed. Our regular doctor told us she’d improve but I see no signs for while, rather the symptoms indicate other wise. Could you help us. She’s living in Ooty (Tamil nadu). Would be glad to see some response.


  • My father 64yr old suffering CKD with saren creatinine 6.6mg/DL, saren urea 150mg/DL.Please suggest what we suppose to do to avoid dialysis though we hv not yet started.Is there any other alternative treatment??

  • YASH MEHTA says:

    Can we eat cows ghee. I am CkD patient.

  • Name * says:

    cretanine 2.1,urea-68, female 27 any solve at ayurveda

  • Myself Ramesh Kr. Tripthi 43 Year old service man, suffering from CKD. My creatnine level 7.61, Urea 165 as on 28.03.2016. Kindly suggest me what to do to avoid dialysis & to cure.

  • Bino Eldo says:

    I am a CKD(stage 5) patient. Now undergoing dialysis. I have been undergone for a transplant in 2013. It has been failed after 25 days. The disease has diagnosed in 2004. After one year I have changed to Homeopathic medicine and continued for 8 years. After that I went to Naturopathy and to dialysis. Now dialysis is doing for post 6 years. I want to know about your medicines? Can you bring back to my life? If the disease is cured I will suggest your treatment for many patients.

  • Vartika says:

    Hello Sir/Mam,

    My father in law is suffering from CKD from past two years now, initially creatnine level increased to 7.3 however with treatment it reduced to 3.3 and it is currently maintained at 3.1, hemoglobin is 10 and urea slightly above the normal range. Please suggest what should be done in the case to completely cure kidney disorder.

  • Arun Kumar says:

    I am suffering for CKD and need help form people who can help me in my treatment, I am single and no one in family who can help me my sister is also CKD patient and we are 55 are 59 years respectively

  • G.Mallesham says:

    Hi sir my self G.Mallesham i am suffering from cronic kidney disease from last one year. i am 41 years old my serum creatine level is 8.4, blood urea is 40.0, serum uric acid 9.11, Hb 10.6, Bp 80/130, Potassium 4.8 and sodium 139.0. I am not having the body swelling. I am living in Hyderabad Telangana state. Sir please advise me what i suppose to do to avoide dialysis though i have not at started. Is there any alter native treatment . Ayurveda can treate my condition and i can have my normal life
    G. Mallesham

  • My mom is suffering from CKD 5 . she have High BP From last 10 Years . Currently Dialysis is Going on From last month , 3 times in one week . I have attached report before dialysis started .

    Name – Najama Yusuf Pathan

    Age – 43

    Weight – 43 .300

    H.B – 7.3

    BP – 150/110

    Sugar – No

    Phosphatase – 340

    Calcium – 7.9

    Phosphorous – 7.3

    Sodium – 127

    Potassium -3.4

    Kidney Size – Right Kidney – 8.8 *3.9 cm Left Kidney – 7.3 *4.00 cm

    S . Creatinine – 10 After Dialysis 3

    Urea –360 After Dialysis 100

    Symptoms – Nausea And Vomiting , Feeling Weak

    Dialysis – Yes 3 times in 1 Week . From Last one Month Dialysis is going on

    Urine Ho raha hai 700 ml out of 1000 ml water

    Bowel movement – Normal

    Currently Medicine taken – tab Stamlo 5 mg , tab Perinorm 10mg , Tab Aspirin 75 mg , cap omez 20 mg ,tab phostate , Levofox 75 mg

    Ayurvedic Medicine – Ab tak koi Ayurvedic Medicine nai Liya

    We want to Avoid Dialysis Please help us . waiting for your reply…..

  • Rakesh kumar says:

    Dear Sir/ Ma’m,
    My niece Anshu (9 year old) is suffering one of the kidney disease C3G, she is admitted in R&R hospital Delhi, And Dr given almost all medicines followed by plasma therapy but her creatinine level & BUN is continuously increasing. Now her creatinine is 2.56, BUN 57, BP 135/80 and proteinuria +++.As per Doctors no specific medicines available in allopathy for this disease just they are trying to control her BP and other components.
    I would like to request you please let us guide if any permanent solution/medicine is available in Ayurveda fro C3G disease or Did any patient recover from this disease?

  • Monika singh says:

    my father suffering from chronic kidney disease from last 15 years.he is a known case of hypertension and is on amlopress-at for the same. at present his disease has progressed to stage 5 .his s.creatinine is 7.0 mg/dl.urea 90 mg/dl..at present he has loss of appetite and generalised weaknesss..he is also on ayurved treatment for last one year..
    he is taking
    ark punarnava
    punarnava mandoor tab
    kindly guide us..please..to what extent stage 5 disease can be treaed.please explain.we don t want to face him the morbidity associated with dialysis.

  • my father is 60 years old. and sugar patient . now kidney critinine is 9.8 and now 2times dialasis….please advice for best.

  • Tinku kumar says:

    Sir parnam mera name tinku h mere bhaiya ka kidney failier ka samasya h unka creatinine 10.9 h sir kuchh help kijiye mob:7870385535

  • Hiren Hathi says:

    MY Father aged 77 years, Split Function (%) Left 31.5 and 68.5 (Right) kidney, GIF (Left) 6.701 and 14.6 (Right). There is a stone in Left kidney, since few days, due to pus sometimes having problem of weakness.

    I want to go in Ayurvedi Treatment, how I will contact you.


  • Krishna says:

    I am on dailysis since 18 months

  • Sir,

    My mother’s age is 63, she is having diabetes and blood pressure. since October 2104 she is suffering with kidney disease. her cretinine level two weeks back was 6.8, blood urea 130 and hemoglobin was 8. Than she was admitted to hospital and one unit of blood was transfued. After that her creatine level is 4.6, urea 115 and hemoglobene is 10.5.

    Now she is having lack of apetite, vomit,tingling and weakness. Dialysis is not started yet. I want to go with ayurvedic treatment.

  • Hemashiraz says:

    I am a CKD patient for the past 3 yrs. My creatinine level last month is 6.0 . I am doing western New now. How can I reduce my creatine level. Pls advise me.I am gem Sri Lanka.

  • shubh says:

    My father suffering ckd from last 5years , creatinin level 2.9 urea 108 hb 13.5 pls any solution call me 7737566383

  • s.k.dubey says:

    my wife suffering ckd from last 1year , creatinin level 10.5, blud urea 80, hb 9.8 pls any solution my cont. 8181049334

    • uma gowami says:

      Sir ..my father is suffering from ckd from last 1 year …his creatinine level is reaches to 3.1 and he is a diabetic patient …he become very weak …his age 53 yrs …and now hb is 8.4 plzzz help me sir …what should I do

  • My father suffering ckd from last 1years, creatinin level 1.7, due to long time super and high blood pressure, can kidney beans rejuvenate through Aurveda? if any solution pls. call me 9002969478

  • My father maybe suffer CKD in last two year. .
    Latest 03/11/2016 reports are shown below :-
    Total protein 5.2g/dL
    Albumin 2.8g/dL
    Globulin 2.4g/dL
    A:G Ratio 1.2
    Haemoglobin 11.8 g/dL
    Glucose Fasting 101 mg/dL
    Glucose postprandial 213 mg/dL
    Urea 23mg/dL
    Creatinine 1.9mg/dL
    Total protein 5.1g/dL
    Urine Routine
    Colur Straw
    Volume 30 mL
    Appearance Hazy
    PpH urine 6.0
    Specific gravity 1.015
    Protein positive (+++)
    Glucose Negative
    Ketones Negative
    Leukocytes Negative
    Nitrite Negative

    Please suggest me what can I do??
    Please please reply sir..
    I m waiting for your valuable suggestion.

  • I am 43 year (Male), i am suffering CKD from last 2 year, creatinin level 9.1, Estimate GFR(CKD-EDI) 6.4, Phophate 6.6, calcium 8.9 and Urea 144

  • Hello Sir/Mam, my self Vaishali Chouhan . My sister is suffering from acute on Ckd last one month .she is 29 year old, she has a 1.4year old baby. Her blood creatinine level 6 and blood urea level is also high. What should we do.please guide us

  • Neha pandey says:

    My brother is just 18 years old, he is suffering from chronic renal failure, doctor has adviced for urgent renal transplant, plz suggest

  • Arun Waskar says:

    Dear Sir

    My Father is suffering from CKD since last two years , creatinine level is 8.8 & is a diabetic patient , Age 72 yrs , Hemoglobin : 8 .5 , Please help & advice

    I am available on whatt’s app +919869053547

  • Hello, my mother is having CKD, serum critnine is increased to 3.0 now. She is diabetic since last 20 years and taking insulin 20-25 units morning and evening.

    My contact number is 7838040003 and available on whatsapp as well.
    Please advise urgently as her serum critnine is rising day by day.

  • Dear Concern,
    My wife aged 26 yrs. suffering ckd 5 and under weekly 2 dialysis since 4 months. I am not in diabetic but now a days I am suffering from high blood pressure (average 100/150). Doctor has suggest for transplant. We want to go through Ayurvedic treatment. We are from Burdwa, West Bengal. Could you please advise us whether her kidneys can be revived with Ayurvedic medicines and what medicine to take? Thank you very much.

  • Hello Sir/Mam, my self Vinod l suffering from
    CKD stage 4 from last 7 years.
    And I am 33 year old, my blood creatinine
    level 3.8 and blood urea level is also high.
    What should I do. please guide me

  • Sudheesh says:

    Hallo sir/mam My father is suffering ckd from
    September 2016. He depended 14 times for dialysis.
    Now he is taking only medicines.Present creatinine
    level is 8.4,and uric acid is 100,Have any treatment
    in Ayurvedic.Please suggest me.Iam waiting for your
    Valuable information..
    I am Sudheesh,from Kerala

  • Manolesh Kumar,

    My English is not so good so I write in English but like in hindi.
    MereC K D he.
    Mere pair ke aidi me drad rahta tha to mail hamesh Pain killer tablet leta tha .
    abhi creatinine 4.48 Hai. uric acide 3.8 aa raha hai. Blood pressure 130-100 rehta hai. Pls sir hame koi raasta batao.
    Pls sir.

  • Rathin Roy says:

    Dear sir,
    My father is a CKD patient, he moved over5 nos of dialysis now his serum creatinine reduced from 17 to 10 urea in blood from 394 to 100+ and hb is 5.8 to 7.3
    I need my father to be free from the torture of dialysis dr. Given a sentence that he needs weekly 2 dialysis. Pls say that is it possible that my father become free from such pblms .

    I m waiting for ur reply reply soon

  • Dear sir, my brother age 45 yrs. Suffering kidney problem from last 2 yrs. He is not standing his own foot. His creatinine is 11.2 and urea 140. Kindly advise pls.

  • i want to know about this hospital my wife suffering from kidney disease

  • Yogesh Adinath Vetal says:


  • Irfan says:

    My father is 73 he is under going dialysis ,I wish to break the cycle of dialysis plz suggests medicine.he is also diabetic for past 32 years

  • Neha says:

    My mother age 73 hai unko CKD problem hai.
    please guide me mobile 9839866566

  • suganthi says:

    my brother is having creatinine is 200 how to make is
    in normal
    pls help me sir.

  • Sir my sis. Is suffering from ckd her creatinine 6.2 we treatment here last 1 month. But it is not much normal plz suggest me anything possible to recover . Urea is 110. Blood pressure normal.
    Plz sir

  • smt usha sonkar says:

    C K D 3 cretinin 7.7 h b. 7.9 pain in both side & whole body in pain , hum kya kare treatment bataye

  • My mother suffering from chronical kidney desease. Please help me.please.

    Her creatinine is now 5.8.

    Please guide us.

  • sir, My husband has kidneys problem. he has now 6.8 creatinine level. He has high blood pressure. he is 42 years old and his weight is 90kg.how can we get relief from this dengerous deseas. please reply me,as soon as possible. -Rituparna Ganguly.
    west bengal.

  • Anurita says:

    Dear Doctor,
    Ive been suffering from CKD since 2005. My Creatinine is 7.6 and urea 109. Im looking at Ayurveda to help prevent further progress of the disease. Please could you help? Thanks


  • Last month 25th I was diagnised as ckd and started dialysis. I am very confident on ayurveda treatment ans I would like to know if there is any alternative treatment.

  • parvati says:

    my father is undergoing dialysis treatment for past 16 months..He is 61 yr old. He became very tired and weak and his skin become black in color .He has blood pressure 160 /170 after dialysis.Hb level 8.0 or below. He is suffering body pain and muscle cramps after the dialysis
    his urine output is very low..is there any chance to heal atleast the symptoms and prolong his life some more years.?

  • Tabita Subba says:

    I am female 32 suffering from CKD stage- 4 with creatnne level 4.29, gfr 15, hb 9.8 (after injection and iron tablets taken) potassium 6.2 and bp 143/96( after proper care of salt intake). there is protein in urine(+++). I am yet to start dialysis but my body is not responding any Allopathic medicine. I also tried alternative medicine from holistic centre but no result. doctor has advised me to avoid dialysis considering my age and has advised for transplant which I cannot afford
    Kindly write me back if my disease can be cured or reversed.


    Tabita Subba

  • Vijay says:

    Sir.my uncle is sufferring from CKD in 5th stage and also High BP with viral fever ckd result show 175 and NO 220 Please sir how to cure it

  • Dinesh kumar gupta says:

    [26/12, 20:42] Papa: I have chronic kidney disease my creatinine serum are 2.15 mg on June 2014 , 2.11 mg on august 2014, 2.20mg on December 2014, 1.80mg on March 2015, 2.21mg on august 2015, 2.15mg on December 2015, 2.67mg on June 016, 2.51mg on September 2016, 2.44mg on February 2017, 2.54mg on may 2017, 2.31mg on July 2017, 2.60mg on august 2017, 2.60mg on October 2017, 3.21mg on November 2017, 3.14mg November 2017, 3.50 mg on December 2017
    [26/12, 20:43] Papa: I have suger since 18 yrs hba1c 7.4 but in latest checkup Dr sujeet j ha says that suger is not a cause of kidney damage . The kidney is shrinking we are not able for why

  • Ajita says:

    Looking for kidney treatment

  • Sagr Patil says:


    My creatininlevel is 11.8 and I am 28 year old. I am suffering for CKD. Please advise me. Call me on 7045042054

  • Parthivrajsinh Kathavadia says:

    My mother age 60. She just had engioplasty last month. Later on urinal infection detected which affected kidney which lead to renal problem and creatinine is increasing so doctor did dialysis once two days back but still creatinine and urea risen so again another dialysis done today. If further problem continues than we have to go for permanent dialysis too. She is diabetic too.what should be done?

  • Amit parkash says:

    My creatinine 5.8
    BUN 100
    Gfr 11
    Newly diagnosed CKD4with hypertension 150/100
    Kindly suggest me further….. treatment

  • My father is 53 yrs old and he is suffering from HYN ckd vth his creatinine was 12 and urea was 236 now he is on Dialysis after 2 dialysis his creatinine 5 and urea 63 but after 4 dialysis his creatinine is 8 and urea is 114 and HG is 6.8
    His blood pressure alway high like 160/80
    Kindly suggest me what should i do for his recovery.

    • himveda says:

      Dear Mr Aquib
      We provide Ayurvedic treatment for CKD. You can talk to Dr Guleria on 9418877955 between 11 am to 6 pm.
      Kind Regards

  • Jayaprada says:

    My wife underwent liver transplant surgery in the year 2015 july.now she fallen sick and doctor advised to undergo dialysis every week twice and needs life long due to no urine output to her.

    • himveda says:

      Dear Sir

      You can talk to Dr Guleria on 9418877955 between 11 am to 6 pm.He will guide you about the treatments and the results expected.

      Kind Regards

  • Utkarsh Jha says:

    CKD patient hu dylisis chal raha hai week me two times

    • himveda says:

      Dear Mr Jha
      We treat Ckd patients on dialysis. You can talk to Dr Guleria on his number 9418877955 between 11 am to 6 pm.
      Kind Regards

  • Prem Prakash says:

    My sister age 24 , has been suffering from kidney disease ( chronic stage ). She is admitted in Hospital from 15 mar 2021, doctor has made 3 dialasys when creatinine 5.7, after 3 3 dialasys creatinine 4.6 , what should I do for better cure of my sister health.

    • himveda says:

      Dear Mr Prakash
      We treat Chrnic Kidney disease.
      You can talk to Dr Guleria on 9418877955 between 11 am to 6 pm . He will guide you on the treatments and the results expected.
      Kind Regards

  • Shikha says:

    Hii my name is Shikha,
    My mother is suffering from kidney disease her cretanine level is 11.6, urea 239 we don’t want dialysis but today the urine discharge is very low, weekness, problem in breathing.
    Do we go for the dialysis??
    Kindly guide me the correct path

    • himveda says:

      Dear Shikha

      We treat Kidney disease.You can talk to Dr Guleria on 9418877955 between 11 am to 6 pm. He will guide you on the treatments and the results expected.

      Kind Regards 


  • G.Prakash says:

    Dear Dr, Ptrsently my creatinine level is 11
    8 and the urea is 140. Whether is it possible to reduce it to the normal level without dialysis? Please call me in this mobile.

    • himveda says:

      Dear Mr Prakash

      You can contact Dr Guleria on +919736853285. He will guide you on the treatments and the results expected.

      Kind Regards


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