Chronic Pancreatitis

Chronic Pancreatitis treatment in Ayurveda

How we treat Chronic Pancreatitis?

Chronic Pancreatitis is treated at HimVeda with herbal medicine and a strict dietary regimen. Panchakarma procedures are not done as most of the times the condition of the patient does not allow this. Hence the patients will not be admitted. Money and time can thus be saved as the diet can be followed at home.

Treatment success depends on diet. If followed correctly remarkable results can be achieved.

Chronic Pancreatitis treatment in Ayurveda

Results expected

How we treat Chronic Pancreatitis?

Duration of treatment varies from 10-12 months. No matter what the condition, improvement will be seen in first to second month. Digestion will improve and the need for digestive enzymes is reduced and is eventually stopped.

As far as pain is concerned, the frequency and intensity slowly comes down over a period of few weeks. There is a chance of relapse of symptoms during the treatment if patient does not comply with dietary instructions.

Acute cases are also taken up and will slowly recover. If the pain comes within 1-2 days of starting the medicine, then the patient might have to take allopathic medicine. Once the effects of our medicine have set in there is less chance of recurrence of pain.

Our medicines vary from patient to patient, depending on the age, body constitution and disease status. All these aspects are assessed by the doctor before deciding the treatment. The aim of the treatment is to balance air and fire elements.

We have treated a wide range of cases of chronic Pancreatitis including:

Autoimmune condition in kids
Necrotising varieties
Pancreatitis with splenomegaly, hepatomegaly and Portal Hypertension

We cannot claim to recover the dead part but function is successfully restored with our medicines.

How to enroll for treatments?

You can call us on 9736853285 between 11 am to 6 pm and we will connect you to Dr Guleria . If he is unable to talk due to busy schedule, we will arrange a call back at more appropriate time.

After the discussion you can share your reports on the same no. as guided by the doctor. Once he has gone through the reports an appointment can be arranged if you wish to personally come to the clinic.

Or else the medicines can be parceled to your address after a detailed discussion with the doctor on phone.

Ayurvedic understanding

Pancreas also known as aganashaya/grahani is celebrated as the special seat of agni (fire) in the body.

Pancreatitis in the initial phase is Vata-Pita (air & fire elements) aggravation in Rasa dhatu (digestive fluids) situated in agnashaya (Pancreas). In the chronic state there is dhatu kshaya (degenerative changes) in agnashaya.

Diet and Lifestyle

Food -

Use Satvik diet consisting of vegetables, cereals, fruits and non refined items. More stress should be on cooked rather than uncooked.

Diluted buttermilk (Lassi) and Indian gooseberry (amla) are the choicest of foods for Chronic Pancreatitis in Ayurveda. Lassi can be made by mixing 10 ml of curd in 50 ml of water. Cumin powder and salt can be added to taste. Taking curd alone is not good.

The following are to be avoided –

  • Foods having pungent and sour taste are to be avoided  in general.
  • Fish,meat,cheese,curd,raw onion,garlic,lemon, hot spicy food
  • Refined wheat flour,refined sugar,deep fried food,fast food
  • Refrigerated foods like ice cream
  • Alcohol and smoking

Lifestyle -

  • Vajrasana (Thunderbolt Pose) after food
  • Avoid daytime sleeping.
  • Dinner should be very light preferably soups.
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