Interstitial lung disease in Ayurveda

Ayurveda-The ray of hope in Interstitial lung disease

Interstitial lung disease ayurvedaWe have treated various cases of Interstitial lung disease (ILD). Results vary depending on age and extent of lung damage. A minimum of three months of treatment are required to show clinical improvement. Remarkable improvement has been noticed in several patients where the extent of lung damage was not total.

How we treat it at HimVeda:

After assessing the disease status and going through the investigations, we decide on the treatment. After that, we judge the body constitution of the patient and the status of Agni (metabolism) at the cellular level. Predominantly Pungent and Bitter tasting herbs are selected and then processed according to the patient’s stage of disease and body type.

We don’t advise Panchakarma procedures for this condition. The patient’s heart must be strong to withstand Panchakarma. Otherwise, many side effects will be produced. ILD weakens the heart and lungs. So medicine and diet alone suffice.

When patients first come to us, they are usually on Steroids. After about two months of Ayurvedic treatment, Steroids are slowly reduced.

How to contact HimVeda?

You can call us on 9736853285, and we will connect you to Dr. Guleria. After a brief initial discussion, he will ask for medical records that can be sent on WhatsApp. Once he is satisfied that good results can be achieved, we can book an appointment for you to visit the clinic. Medicines can also be sent online if desired but only after a detailed discussion with Dr. Guleria over the phone.

What does Ayurveda say about ILD?

Interstitial lung disease (ILD) in Ayurveda is described under ‘shwas roga.’

Shwas Roga is a broad term encompassing all respiratory diseases. ILD is a ‘sannipapata’ disorder (involving all three doshas) with the predominance of ‘Vata’ dosha (air element) in the Kapha seat. Pitta (fire element) and Kapha (water element ) also get disturbed, but the degree of involvement varies according to etiological factors, age, habitat, etc.

In modern medicine, Interstitial tissue is the name given to the tissue around the air sacs (alveoli) in the lungs. Interstitial lung disease occurs when an injury (by internal /external factors) to the lung interstitium causes an abnormal healing response. As a result, the interstitial tissue becomes scarred and thickened. So Oxygen enters the blood with difficulty.

The patient usually complains of difficulty in breathing and a dry cough.Ayurvedic treatment interstitial lung disease

Lifestyle and Diet:

Breathlessness gives a tough time to the patient. To reduce the mucus congestion in the chest, we advise an upper back massage at bedtime. This is done with special oils but can also be done with lukewarm sesame /mustard oil with a pinch of salt mixed in it. Sometimes we advise a powder pottali (bolus) massage. This is followed by hot water fomentation.

Ild-ayurvedic treatment
Massage of chest area with special oils

Kitchen herbs for cooking:

  • Turmeric
  • Asafoetida
  • Ginger
  • Cumin

Herbs for herbal tea

  • Black Pepper
  • Cinnamon and Cardamom
  • Ginger
  • Long Pepper

If there is a lot of inflammation, the above herbs might not be the right choice.

Foods to be avoided:

  • Curd
  • Black lentils
  • Astringent tasting foods
  • Dairy products
  • Cold water

Patient testimonial ILD treatment in Ayurveda

142 Responses

  1. My mother aged 67 diagnosed ILD. Since three months moving to all famous hospitals for treatment but no result found. Still breathing issue persists. Kindly suggest me treatment near by my native. I belong to Bagalkote district of Karnataka.

    1. Dear Mr. Vijay

      We treat ILD. The results vary from case to case. The structural damage cannot be reversed but we can improve the functional aspect of the lungs. Please whatsapp on 9736853285 for more details.

      Best Regards

  2. Sir,
    I have been diognosed HPS and ILD.
    I wanted to get treatment from Him Veda. Please tell the tentative cost and period of treatment.

    1. Dear Mr. Gandhi

      We treat ILD. The consultation with Dr. Guleria is free of cost. Medicines will cost Rupees 3800 per month. As a first step,please share the CT scan and a short message on 9736853285.

      Best Regards

  3. Dera sir.
    My father is diagnozed with ILD in the year 2019 With hypertension…we have tried hospitals in India and Bhutan…but his condition doesn’t seems to improve…His spot falls down to 60-65, and is on oxygen 24 hrs…he has dry cough which hightens at night…now planning to go for ayurvedic treatment….may I know where and how it is assessable to your institution …how you can help in reverting the condition to somewhat stable condition….your prompt reply and suggestion will be highly regarded..

    1. Dear Si
      We treat ILD. Results vary from case to case.As a first step please share your CT scan on 9736853285 whatsapp. Dr Guleria will revert back after going through the report and le you know the possibility of treatment in your case.

    2. Hello sir,
      My mother has ild problem from last 6 month & already running allopathy treatment & she is on 24/7 oxygen at 5-6 ltr & already 1 lung damage ho chuka hai & dusre pe effect hona start ho gya hai . Is there any possibility of treatment .She is 58..

      1. Hi sir my grandmother have thise ild from last 5years one side has been full damage and other side is starting to damage please tell any option sir

        1. Hello

          We cannot say that the damaged part will recover. But further damage can be stoped or slowed down.
          Please send a whatsapp message on 9736853285 for further process.

          Best Regards

    3. Dear concern
      My mother has ild problem from last 6 month & already running allopathy treatment & she is on 24/7 oxygen at 5-6 ltr & already 1 lung damage ho chuka hai & dusre pe effect hona start ho gya hai . Is there any possibility of treatment .She is 58..

  4. Hello sir. I am 21 years old. My mom had ILD and she passed away when she was 40 years old. She had stomach ulcer and now I have Gerd problem. Am I prone to get ILD in the future ?

    1. It cannot be said for sure that you are prone to ILD. To protect yourself, don’t indulge in heavy exercises especially swimming etc. Maintain a healthy diet with good amounts of healthy fats.

  5. Sir meri mother ko doctor ne ILD diagnosed Kia h unki age 57 he sirf chalne par breathlessness ki problem h. Please advise for the treatment. 9358210783.

  6. Hello sir, my brother in law is diagnosed with sarcoIdosis stage 2, ILD and papillary edema. He us on steroids now. Can this be treated and cured completely In Ayurveda.

  7. Hello sir my mother is suffering from this disease currently she requires oxygen cant move much as she starts coughing pls tell me if there is any treatment for her

  8. hello sir, my mother is suffering with Ild and also had biopsy but the reason was not known, it medicine we are taking is from past 4 years but the condition is getting worse, oxygen level very low she is taking artificial oxygen and infection baar baar ho rhy hao body mei, please suggest kya iska treatment hai?

    1. We treat the disease. A cure cannot be promised. Please send CT scan report to Dr Guleria on his whatsapp 9418877955. He will write back to you in 1-2 days.

      1. Hello sir, my brother suffering from pneumothorax. Hyperlucent area noted at right lung devoid of lung markings. Sir what we do , please tell us??

    1. Dear Madam
      The changes that have already happened in the lungs cannot be reversed. We will work on slowing down or halting the progression of disease.
      Please share your CT scan report with Dr Guleria on his whatsapp 9418877955. He will write back to you in 1-2 days.

    1. Hello
      Haritaki alone is not enough in IPF treatment.
      We need to assess the case and then arrive at a conclusion. The treatment varies from case to case

  9. Sir I am anjaneya suffering from leteral opacities in left lung recognized by showing x ray taken back 2 days so symptoms with shortness of breathing , night cough, congestion in chest ,tired ,it can be cured by you pls inform me sir

    So cbc ,normal
    I have been taking homeopathy treatment since 4 year but no use
    If it cured by you ayruvedic, I will come and meet you sir ….

    1. We treat lung opacities.
      The damage already done will not be recovered. We will work on slowing down or halting the future progress of the disease.

      Please send a WhatsApp message on 9736853285 for further details.

    1. We treat lung ild.
      The damage already done will not be recovered. We will work on slowing down or halting the future progress of the disease.

      Please send a WhatsApp message on 9736853285 for further details

  10. Farher in his 84 suffering from ILD and has bean in hospital1 time after another.While in hospital much better and medicated with morfin after going home very strong pain in lungs I want help him with ayuvera medicine He lives in Milwauki Wisconsin,any doctors in tgat area he can get help.

  11. my sister 21 years old suffering from lungs infection past 2 months, as she had infected from covid, now she is still in hospital under treamtment, as doctor said that she is suffering from fibrosis in which she is on 10 litrs oxygen .. May i know is there any treatment for this type of condition.. please help …

    1. Dear Hemanth

      You can contact Dr Guleria on +919736853285. He will guide you on the treatments and the results expected.

      Kind Regards


  12. Do you have treatment for plueral thickening in lungs. Plueral thickening is called irreversible in modern science.

  13. Sir muje doc ne ..pulmonary alveolar proteinosis…a bimari batai h ky iska ilaj h ….plz batay meri age 33 year h..

  14. Im 51/ M,suffering from ILD with 80% block at LAD n under Allopathy medecine since 1 n 1/2 months.No symptoms as such only investigating reports show the afforsaid.Is there any treatment available ,please guide .Thanks

    1. Dear Mr Lama

      You can talk to Dr Guleria on 9418877955 between 11 am to 6 pm. He will guide you on the treatments and the results expected.

      Kind Regards


  15. Dear sir
    My mother is suffering from ILD. She is 54 years old. Current situation is that she is now on oxygen 24 hrs. Please suggest if we want to take treatment in ayurveda is it possible to heal the disease.

  16. Dear Sir
    My mother is suffering from ILD .she is 54 years old. She is not able to go through kitchen or any other place without support. Her oxygen level drops to 61-67 regularly. Please suggest if we can workout something at this level?

    1. Dear Mr Kranthi

      We treat RA associated ILD. You can talk to Dr Guleria on 9418877955 between 11 am to 6 pm.

      Kind Regards


    1. Dear Chetan 

      We provide treatment for ILD. You can talk to Dr Guleria on 9418877955 between 11 am to 6 pm.

      Kind Regards


  17. Dear Sir I developed Hypersenstive pnuemonitis in 2018 . There is scarring in my lungs . I have been treated with steroids and other medicines . I have developed Hypertension due to the steroids . Is there a permanent cure for it . How can you help me . I am 49 yrs old .

  18. Mere father last 3 months se ILD se suffer Kar rahe hai oxygen level 85 to 88 rahta hai..Dr LK mohanty unka treatment Kar rahe hai but result nahi hai sir…oxygen dena padhta hai..plz koi medition hai bataye..

  19. My Dad has moderate ILD and doctors said it can only be controlled.
    Can u please reply if it can be cured ?

  20. Pranam, I, Raj Kumar Sehgal aged 69years is suffering from ILD since 2014. I was diagnosed only two years back. I am taking Fibrodone 200mgX3tablets 3 times a day and Lumenac 600mg 3tablets (dissolved in warm water).
    Doing Kapalbati 5/6 hundred times, anulom vilom 50 times a day. Living in Kolkata, humid and polluted city. Kindly advise. I would also need an advice about changing to dry climate, non polluted areas.
    Thanks & Regards

    1. Suffering from Ild since 2014, diagnosed two years back. Present medication Fibrodone 200×3 tablets 3times a day and Lumenac 600mg 3tablets a day in warm water. Suffering increases in rainy season , high humidity and pollution. Feel better and comfortable in ac. Living in Kolkata age 70 year.

  21. Hello Dr. My father is suffering from ra-ild is there scope for the treatment! Your guidance on this matter is highly appreciated.

  22. My father age (65) is suffering form ILD disease for the last two years. when diagnosed his o2 level was very low . Since the he is on Perfinex and Oxygen therapy.

    Current situation is that he is now on oxygen 24 hrs . He cannot live with out it. He is not able to move . If he is going for daily routine also his oxygen level decreases to 78. He feels exertion and fatigue. He was put on steroids thrice in the whole treatment till now. He is taking 1200mg Perfinex daily. With oxygen his o2 level is between 88-90.

    Doctor says that it falls under the category of occupational disease as my father worked in iron ore foundry his whole life. He was exposed to material that damaged his lungs system.

    Sir , if you have treatment available with you . please let us know

  23. My mother is suffering from ild from past 3yr..she is 57yrs old lives in lucknow,up. Lung specialist Dr. B.P Singh said its non treatable disease. Plz provide me some guidance about your treatment and procedures and how can I connect to your service.

  24. Dear Doctor, I would likr to know if there is some ayrveda doctor in Italy who could help with idiopatic pulmonary fibrosis

  25. Sir, I am suffering from ILD, my oxygen level goes to 65-70, hence on oxygen support 24 hours from last 1 year and can’t walk more than 4-5 meters. I am taking steroids and pirfenex 1200/day in 3 times. Is this desease curable through ayurveda or improve lungs capacity? Kindly helh and suggest me any good solution to survive. My contact No is 7303799743

  26. Hello sir l am suffering from ild nsip for one year with 24 oxygen . We are teaking styrid voislone 5 mg and pirfenex 800mgAnd other medicin .please guide me some suggestions

  27. Namaskaar.
    My husband, age 48, is diagnosed ILD…progressive lung fibrosis 2 months before..
    Symptoms of dry cough during night and any time after speaking misguided us to asthamatic situation. But one month before diagnosis he started showing symptoms such as fatigue and fast breath after taking bath, after climbing more than two floors. He never smoked.
    BUT, from day one after diagnosis he was kept on medrol 16 mg twice a day. We started aayurvedic treatment at the same time. 2 months before his pft was 29% . 6 weeks after treatment it is 39%. He tapered down medrol and stopped it. After stopping 10/13 days were absolutely fine…no coughing, no humming while sleeping…no fatigue, no breathlessness.. But he started showing the same symptoms again and oxy level spo2 seems to be decreased from the range of 97-98 to 94 -96.
    Aayurvedic medication is going on. But how to make his nights free from these irritating symptoms….do not understand. He is doing pulmonary rehab exercises every day…We are concerned about the quality of life along with reversal of disease.
    He feels like taking medrol again to get rid of the symptoms.

  28. Hello Sir,
    My mother is 64 year old & she is suffering from ILD-NSIP which has been diagnosed in 2013. & from 2013 she is on allopathic treatment. now she is on astroid from last 4 years approx. because of that her bone density is very weak.
    as of now she is not on oxygen but condition is not good. she is getting suffer very much from the disease.

    Please suggest if we want to take treatment in ayurveda is it possible to heal the disease

  29. Respected sir,
    My mother is suffering from ILD from since 1 year, also diabeties ,high Bp & hypothyrodism problem, she is on steroids & using a oxygen concentrator,
    age is 62 year
    Please guide, if there is any treatment for ILD in Ayurveda

  30. Sir my dad,67 yrs old was treated for TB ,in middle of the treatment he developed tension pneumothorax ,twice ICD insertion was done ,he is suffering from ILD which is progressive ,he is on home oxygen ,complaining of breathlessness when mobilised and cough ,cold ,loss of appetite and weakness ,please suggest

  31. My sister age 54 suffering from ild since 4 years .her disease was diagnosed at second stage… she is on oxygen for 24 hrs … is there any hope for her relief in Ayurveda…plz suggest …thankyou

  32. Sir, My mother is suffering ILD from last 1 year, diabeties ,high Bp & hypothyrodism problem, she is on steroids & using a oxygen concentrator,
    age is 62 year
    Want to take treatment in aruveda
    Please help

  33. Sir my mother is suffering from ild .I live in Rajasthan . Is there any center neat me please sir we are in very trouble

  34. डाक्टर साहब, मेरि उम्र 43 साल है, और मै ILD ke IPF से पीडित हूँ बहुत कम मेहनत का काम कर पाता हूँ आप्के पास इलाज के लिये मै कैसे और कहना आ सकता हूँ

    1. डाक्टर साहब, मेरि उम्र 45 साल है, और मै ILD ke IPF से पीडित हूँ बहुत कम मेहनत का काम कर पाता हूँ आप्के पास इलाज के लिये मै कैसे और कहना आ सकता हूँ

  35. My friend Ms. Sheuli Chatterji, aged 70, has been suffering from ILD since Jan 2018. I have great hope that you can reduce her suffering. If you kindly send me your email address I will imdtly send you her medical reports, lung scan etc. PLEASE help us.
    Yours in distress, Arati Roy

  36. sir ,my mother is suffering from ILD from last 2.5years and she is on steroids called prediment 16mg,
    but now her health is becoming critical not only because of ILD but also steroids ,
    can you advice me ,about ayurveda treatment and i want to stop her steroids as early as possible
    prem prakash jain

  37. Dear Sir, I have been diagnosed as ild been smoker i am on perfindone tab for last 2-3 months 2-2-2 dose was was giving side effect photo sensitivity so now i am on1-1-1 tolerating doing pranayama iam DOCTOR can you help pl reply regds Dr wani

    1. Did you get a response… my uncle has been prescribed perfinidone- 1200 mg is the final dosage… currently 1-1-1 to be slowly upped to reach this required dosage? has this treatment wth ayurveda helped you?

  38. Hello sir,my mother having different problem,mainly hbsag positive,second ild,skin elergy,knee joint pains,please suggest treatment,now she is on steroids but no relief for ild,is panchakarma help full

  39. Hello doctor ,
    My mother is 81 year old and suffering from ILd , Even not in a condition of travel. We have all the medical history. Please advice how we can we move forward for the treatment.

  40. Hello sir
    my mother is an ILD paient since one year before that she used to take some medicines since 2 years for her leg pains which affected her lungs said by a chest physician and the diagnosis is “MIXED CONNECTIVE TISSUE DISORDER and HYPOKALEMA.”
    DOCTORS said that there is no medicine for it so that we are using a oxygen concentrator to her by their advise but still she can’t able to eat, sleep since 40 days and cough is increasing day by day
    if you have treatment for her please respond immediately
    yhank you

  41. Hello sir,
    My mother is suffering from ild for past 6 months ….and I am not satisfied with allopathy treatment . the doctor always advised us to take oxygen at home but I thought it is not the permanent solution although I know there is no particular solution of this disease in allopathy ..should it be reversible through ayurvedic should it be fully repair..
    Mention patient details
    Age -45
    Symptoms – weight reduction,cough but not dry, arthritis,pain in bones

  42. Dear Sir my son age is 2 years and he is suffering from ILD problem please suggest me about the treatment and success posiblity to cure this.

  43. Hello sir,
    My mother is suffering from ILD UIP, her lungs are now diagnosed as 28.7% in a PFT. She is also losing protien in urine and very low albumin in blood with high cholesterol and thyroid. Can you please suggest any Ayurved treatment to preserve her health.

  44. Sir my mother is suffering from ild nsip from last year.
    Her age is 54 year
    Their is any treatment in Ayurveda.
    And plz sir tell me it is cureable or not
    Thank u

    1. Dear Mr Pulkit
      You can talk to Dr Guleria on 9736853285 between 3 pm to 6 pm . He will guide you about the treatment and the results expected.

  45. Hello Doctor,

    My mother is fighting ILD with steroids and perfinex tabs (9 a day). She’s 63, active .But need to understand if any treatment can help her better.


  47. Sir my mother is suffering from ild. She is 56 year old. She can walk 3 to 4 minute after that is coughing. She is on steroid perfinex 9 tables. She does not get sleep and also she is wheezling. Is there any curable treatment. Pls sir help me…..

  48. Sir,
    My mom has been fighting from ILD for 3 years..
    Now at this stage she can not breathe properly at all(early she could) also not stop cough troubles her like any thing… Where and how to contact you..

  49. सर् जय हिंद। मेरा नाम सुनील दत्त पोखरियाल है,भारत तिब्बत सीमा पुलिस बल में कार्यरत हूं। मेरी उम्र46 वर्ष है। रक्त वर्ग A+ है। मुझे फरबरी 2018 से ILD (Interstitial lung Disease) अन्तरालीय फेफडों का रोग है। आपसे अनुरोध है कि उपचार व सुझाव देने की कृपा करें। ताकि मेरा जीवन बच जाए।

  50. My mother age 60 was diagnosed with ILD about 3 years back. While she is on steroids since, her cough becomes unbearable at times.
    I have 2 questions:
    1) Does ayurveda have a treatment for keeping ILD in control?
    2) what can ayurveda do to address the I mediate issue of cough?

  51. Sir,
    I am suffering from ILD since last 2 years. Initial days i was treated with Steroids, but my Lungs are very week, frequently i am suffering from cough & cold. Is there any Ayurveda medicine which can heal me ? Please advise.
    Thanaking you,
    Hitesh Garg

    1. Surely it can be treated with Ayurvedic herbs and following a proper diet and lifestyle as advised by Dr. Guleria. An email has been sent to you regarding the same.

      1. Sir,
        My mother is suffering from ILD, it was diagnosed in 2016, initially doctors could not find out the disease so they did treatment for TB, we have seen doctors in Delhi, Bhopal and also tried homeopathic medicine, but could not see much effect till now, she is on portable oxygen concentrator. I really want to know the cure available in ayurveda. Please send me the mail regarding the same.]

      2. Hiiii sir
        My father age 65 suffring from ild now he is on oxygen for 24 hours.. can you have any treatment for this concern

  52. Sir,
    I am suffering from ILD since last 12 years. Initial days i was treated with Steroids, which damaged my eyes. I stopped steroids to recover from my eye problem. My eyes are alright now, but my Lungs are very week, frequently i am suffering from cough & cold. Is there any Ayurveda medicine which can heal me ? Please advise.
    Thanaking you,

  53. Hello sir
    I m sufferd from ASD with Palmonary artrial hypertension any medicines available in Ayurveda. Please tell me my age is 23yr.

  54. Sir my father is 64 year old and he is suffering from ild and he suffering from two years and last two years he is taking astroyed there is any hope to survive

  55. Dear Sir,
    My mother ages about 71yrs old, 2 days back we took her to Dr who checked her, & advised us to take her chest CT scan, in which she is diagnosed with ILD, its just a started with effects visible at the bottom of the lungs, requesting your help with suggestions & treatment

  56. My mother 70 yrs suddenly felt ill and diagonised as ILD and hospitalised for 15 days and now home taking medicine but there is no development and we are in chennai seeking help from Ayurveda medicine pls suggest me medicine my number 98410 29515

  57. Sir, my mother, aged 47, is suffering from ILD for the past two years and currently she is on steroids. I would like to know how long should we stay there for the treatment. We are from Hyderabad. Thank you.

  58. my mother in law is suffering from ILD and doctor said that it is at second last stage. She is not able to go through kitchen or any other place without support and she is on oxygen since last 3-4 years. Her oxygen level drops to 64-65 regularly. Please suggest if we can workout something at this level?

  59. Hi gud mrng sir my elder sister is suffering secondary pulmonary hypertension …her age 24 ….its curable or not …plz suggest me ..plz I beg u reply me soon…here everyone hopeless.plz plz….my contact 9693466694

  60. Hi Sir,
    My mother (55) having arthitis from last 10 years now she suffered from ILD, is there any treatment for ILD in ayurveda. currently i am in pune.

    Amit MAne


  62. Sir, my mother (58 year) is patient of ILD from last 1 year. She is taking medicine but these are not much effective. she suffers most in night. She also have chronic hep C from last 7 years and taking peg interferon and rebetol. So the doctors are not starting advance medicine for ILD they giving only some medicine and inhaler. Is any effective treatment in ayurveda?

    1. There is a wide variety of medicines and herbs which we use in ild.In two patients presenting the same symptoms the medicines can be quite different. The right medicine is selected after going through the case history and judging the body type.
      After about 2 months of treatment the steroids will no longer be needed.
      You can also visit our center in Dharamshala, North India

    1. Surely Dr. Kulkarni ,Ayurvedic treatment will work wonders for you.We just need to go through your case history.

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